Find Out Which Engagement Ring Style is Right for You Based on Your Enneagram Type

July 23, 2019 | Junebug Weddings

photo by Melissa Marshall

If you’re anything like the Junebug team, you’re obsessed with any and all things Enneagram! We’ve been dying to get in on the personality typing fun and realized the best way to dive in would be to help our soon-to-be engaged folks find out which engagement ring style is right for you based on your Enneagram type. Not sure which setting, stone, cut, or color is the best fit for your personality? We’re deep diving into the Enneagram for a little help to determine the exact ring to make YOUR heart sing!

Type One:

Bezel Engagement Ring

Also known as The Reformer, Type Ones may be busy making the world a better place, but not too busy to deserve a physical symbol of the love they’ve found. Choosing an engagement ring for a Type One should speak to their natural balance of being both exceptionally thoughtful and admirably pragmatic. We love how a bezel setting embodies these ideals: the stone is fully secured in the metal setting, keeping it safe and snug while showing off the beautiful intricacies of the diamond. Whether you choose a round, cushion, pear, or emerald-cut stone, the bezel setting is timeless and will transcend trend.


Capucinne Bezel Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Aardvark Jewelry Hearts and Arrows Moissanite and Diamond Engagement Ring

Theresa Pytell Aquamarine Bezel Set Ring

Bario Neal Lash Diamond Ring

Capucinne Five-Diamond Bezel Engagement Ring

Bario Neal Allium Diamond Ring with Notch

Capucinne Trillion Diamond Triangle Bezel Engagement Ring

Valerie Madison Aura Oval Bezel Moissanite Engagement Ring

Capucinne Pear Diamond Bezel Engagement Ring

Type Two:

Halo Engagement Ring

What else but a halo engagement ring could be fit for the angels of the Enneagram, also known as The Helper! We love the idea of recognizing a Type Two’s supportive nature with a halo setting, which is basically a hug of diamonds around a central stone. While the halo is representative of the support you show others, it can also symbolize the protection you receive in your relationship and serve as a reminder that you are loved regardless of the sacrifices you make in order to deeply nurture others.


Vrai & Oro The Halo Ring

Bario Neal Stellium Morganite with Diamond Halo Ring

Capucinne Champagne Diamond Halo Ring

Anna Sheffield Elongated Rosette Ring in Rose Gold & Blue Sapphire

Anna Sheffield Eleonore Halo Delicate Ring in Yellow Gold & White Diamond

Anna Sheffield Camellia Petal Ring in Yellow Gold & Rose Cut Champagne Diamond

Anna Sheffield Petite Pear Luna Ring in Yellow Gold & Rose Cut White Diamond

Anna Sheffield Bezel Round Rosette Ring in Yellow Gold & Black Diamond

HLSK Diamond and Sapphire Halo Ring

Bario Neal Quince Diamond with Champagne Halo Ring

Capucinne Rose Quartz and Diamond Halo Ring

Anna Sheffield Marquise Rosette Ring in Yellow Gold & White Diamond

Type Three:

Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

While Type Threes, known as The Achievers, are often characterized as being image-conscious, we prefer to focus on your charm and adaptable energy when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. A pear-shaped ring brilliantly mirrors your two sides: a soft heart and a sharp wit. The asymmetry of the pear shape speaks to both your versatility as well as your affinity to be a cut above the rest. And, heck yeah, you’re going to get so many compliments on the stylish shape too, which we know you’ll appreciate!


Capucinne Moissonite Pear-Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

Capucinne Pear Bezel Diamond Ring

Anna Sheffield Pear Rosette Ring in Rose Gold & Pink Tourmaline

Anna Sheffield Pear Hazeline Ring in Rose Gold & Champagne Diamond

Dory Design Art Pear Cut Moissanite Ring

Capucinne Grey Diamond Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

Anna Sheffield Pear Rosette Ring in Rose Gold & Peach Morganite

Valerie Madison Luna Teal Sapphire Pear Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Capucinne Peach Sapphire Pear Engagement Ring

Bario Neal Lash Andalusite Pear Ring

Anna Sheffield Pear Rosette Ring in Yellow Gold & White Diamond

Valerie Madison Vera Pear Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

Hello Ring Pear Shaped Moonstone Engagement Ring Set

Vrai & Oro The Pear Pavé

Eidel Precious Pear Sapphire Engagement Ring

Type Four:

Gemstone Engagement Ring

Seeing as being distinctly different is what makes Type Fours distinctly different from every other type, a gemstone engagement ring is the natural answer for our most distinguishable type! A typical diamond was never on the table because there is nothing a Four loves more than being atypical. (Don’t @ us, Fours, you know it’s true!) A colored gemstone aligns with your bold and outspoken demeanor while diamond alternatives like moonstone, opal, and pearl offer a uniquely beautiful on a traditional engagement ring.


Anna Sheffield Bea Three Stone Ring in Yellow Gold and Blue Sapphire

Capucinne Watermelon Tourmaline Pear-Shaped Solitaire Ring

Bario Neal Linear Hex Sapphire Ring


Capucinne White Pearl Diamond Engagement Ring

Aarkvark Colour Change Alexandrite and Diamond Engagement Ring

Bario Neal Orla Cluster Sapphire Ring

Capucinne Janine Umba Garnet Diamond Ring

Anna Sheffield Pavé Amulet Ring in Yellow Gold, Emerald, and Champagne Diamond

Capucinne London Blue Topaz Diamond Engagement Ring

Breeze Studio Co Emerald Cut Lab Created Emerald Engagement Ring

Capucinne Taia Moss Agate Ring with Teal Sapphires

Capucinne Sunstone Halo Diamond Ring

Breeze Studio Co Emerald Cut Lab Created Emerald Engagement Ring

Bario Neal Kalmia Hex Blue Sapphire Ring

Type Five:

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitude is a fundamental aspect of life for Type Fives, who deeply value independence and self-discovery. A solitaire engagement ring serves as a beautiful reminder of a Type Five’s autonomy within their relationship. Worry not, Fives, because a while a solitaire ring may be practical (much like you!), it definitely doesn’t have to be boring! You deserve a setting as dazzling and special as you are that equally complements your style and your straightforward attitude.


Vrai & Oro The Solitaire

Capucinne Rose Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring

Bario Neal Avens Diamond Princess Ring

Shree Gems and Jewelry Round White Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

Anna Sheffield Hazeline Solitaire Ring in Yellow Gold and Black Diamond

Capucinne Trillion Solitaire Diamond Ring

Bario Neal Avens Diamond Princess Ring


Allen Gleur Moissanite Old European Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

Anna Sheffield Eleonore Ring in Yellow Gold and White Diamond

Capucinne Marquise Diamond Solitaire Ring

Bario Neal Avens Raw Diamond Ring

Anna Sheffield Bea Solitaire Ring in Yellow Gold and Champagne Diamond

Vrai & Oro The Oval

Type Six:

Cluster Engagement Ring

What better engagement ring for our dear Loyalist than a cluster setting! More than any other number, Type Six is dedicated to community and moves through the world with their people in mind, first and foremost. For a Six, the multiple stones on a cluster ring can be representative of your multiple deep relationships as well as the security you’ve found in your commitment to your person. Wearing your cluster engagement ring is a badge of trust, comfort, and bond to carry you through any self-doubt or uncertainty your future may hold.


Melanie Casey Stars at Eventide Ring

Artemer Art Deco Baguette Engagement Ring

Melanie Casey Clear Water Ring

Melanie Casey Diamond Snowdrift Ring

Bario Neal Eaves Cluster Opal with Morganite Ring

Capucinne June Ring

Melanie Casey In the Sky with Midnight Blue Sapphire

Melanie Casey Stargaze Ring

Melanie Casey Diamond Indie Ring

Bario Neal Radial Cluster Hex White Sapphire Ring


Capucinne Oval Diamond and Gemstone Cluster Ring

Type Seven:

Stacking Engagement Ring Set

Pinning down one engagement ring can be tough for a Type Seven, also known as The Enthusiast, whose FOMO keeps them up at night! To honor your itch to have a little bit of everything, say “yes” to a stacking engagement ring set. Your sights are ever changing and your stack can be too; choose a new stacking order or decide to rock a different number of rings based on your mood. Every day is a new adventure for you full of endless possibilities and your engagement ring set is just step one!


Anna Sheffield Eleonore Suite 13

Purple May Jewellry Black Onyx and Diamond Ring Set

Nida Rings Oval Moissanite Rose Gold Ring Set

Anna Sheffield Nesting Pair No. 17

Capucinne Diamond and Moissanite Ring Set 

Anna Sheffield Wheat Suite No. 03

Capucinne Half Moon Diamond Engagement Ring Set

Ring Only 14K Gold Stacking Antique Bridal Set

Capucinne V Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Type Eight:

Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

For the most commanding presence on the Enneagram, only one ring could do you justice: the emerald-cut. Type Eights, known as The Challenger, are characterized as confident, unyielding, which speaks as much to your qualities as a leader (hello, trendsetter!) as it does how fiercely you love. The rectangular Art Deco-inspired setting demonstrates how you live out loud, not to mention your larger-than-life heart. Unique, sophisticated, and dramatic, your emerald-cut engagement ring is a token of your assertive and passionate spirit.


Bario Neal Ray Diamond Emerald Cut Ring

Oore Alexandrite Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

Newado Jewel Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring

Eidel Precious Peacock Sapphire Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Capucinne Emerald Cut Moissanite Diamond Engagement Ring

Olive Avenue Jewelry Emerald Champagne Sapphire Engagement Ring

Cool Ring Jewelry Black Onyx Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Anna Sheffield Eleonore Delicate Pavé Ring with Halo in White Gold & White Diamond

Anna Sheffield Bea Three Stone Ring in Yellow Gold & Peach Morganite

Anna Sheffield Attelage Ring in Yellow Gold & White Diamond

Type Nine:

East-West Engagement Ring

Known as The Peacemaker, Type Nines are all about seeking balance. East-West engagement rings are the epitome of balanced scales by positioning the setting horizontally across the band. While avoiding conflict can be tough to achieve in life, your engagement ring can serve as a totem of your devotion to maintaining internal and external peace. Nines are also averse to anything overly showy or attention-grabby, but still want to celebrate their individuality, making the East-West setting ideal as a simple and elegant choice without being overdone.


Vrai & Oro The Emerald

Rosado’s Box 3-Stone Emerald Engagement Ring

Melanie Casey Oval Nova Ring

Anna Sheffield Bea East/West Solitaire Ring

J Hollywood Designs Eliza Ring

Olive Avenue Jewelry James Ring

Aurora Designer East-West Marquise Moonstone Ring

Anna Sheffield Bea East/West Solitaire Ring in Rose Gold & Green Tourmaline

Bario Neal Nikko White Sapphire Pear Ring

Bario Neal Filigree Rose Cut Pink Sapphire Oval Ring

Esdomera Emerald Cut Moissanite East-West Ring

Did your engagement ring style spark joy for your personality type? Sound off in the comments with your Enneagram type and your favorite style! Plus be sure to shop your style from one of the best Etsy shops for vintage engagement rings!

photo by Captured by Mary

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