DIY Wedding Ideas with Wordle.net

November 3, 2008 | editorial team

Oh-oh, I think I found my new online obsession! For cool DIY save the dates, wedding invitations, shower invitations or favors, Wordle.net makes “word clouds” of any text you enter into its online tool, and lets you change up the fonts, colors, and orientation of the words. Choose each detail yourself, or hit the randomize button and watch new combinations pop up before your eyes. Prepare to lose some serious time playing with Wordle and all its fun possibilities!

wordle.net word cloud layouts for DIY wedding invitations, save the dates and wedding favor packaging

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  1. Wordle is one of my faves! Isn’t it so much fun?

  2. Love these! Thanks for sharing. Gotta go share them with DW readers now (w. JW credit of course). ;)

  3. Wow! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wordle has become how I spend my time when I am on my computer in class (i.e. when i should be taking notes), it is so much fun to play with!

  5. I saw this on Budget Savvy’s blog back in August, she included a detailed step by step guide on how to make the wordle into a STD. I used it for a surprise party invite it turned out great and inexpensive! http://budgetsavvybride.wordpress.com/tag/save-the-dates/

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