Colorful Summer Brunch Micro Wedding in the Dolomites

Ashlyn and Alex were well aware that opting for a destination celebration would narrow down their guest list. Despite the challenge, they made a conscious decision to prioritize intimacy over numbers. With only 20 cherished loved ones in attendance, they ensured that each guest shared in the joy of their special day. Dreaming of a mountain setting, they chose the picturesque Dolomites as their backdrop. Surrounded by vibrant wildflowers, they tied the knot in a heartwarming summer brunch micro wedding, shared only with their closest circle. Though small, their big day was simply perfect, filled to the brim with love and joy.

The couple selected the most breathtaking backdrop for their special day. With the majestic peaks as their witness, they exchanged heartfelt vows, surrounded by nature’s grandeur. Their outdoor reception was equally enchanting, with the same awe-inspiring backdrop setting the scene. As guests gathered around a long table adorned with colorful wild blooms, they savored every moment of this picturesque celebration with brunch and a wine tasting.

Excited for some intimate wedding inspiration? Check out these beautiful photos by Junebug vendor Christin Eide. They’re proof that all you need for a memorable day is a beautiful location and your loved ones around you.

The Couple:

Ashlyn and Alex

The Wedding:

Como Alpina Dolomites, Italy

The Journey to a Summer Brunch Micro Wedding in the Dolomites

We wanted our wedding to be intimate with our closest family and friends. We chose the Dolomites and a venue with a view of Seceda as the focal point. The vibe of the wedding was a summer brunch. Our florist used wildflowers from the Dolomites, pulling the whole look together. Nothing looked out of place. It was like we were having a beautiful picnic in the Dolomites.

Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

Wedding advice to other couples: Go with the flow! Things will not always go according to plan, and there is so much outside of our control. To truly enjoy your wedding day, you have to go with the flow and enjoy all the perfect moments.

How Their Destination Brunch Micro Wedding Became the Ultimate Vacation

Our guests say my wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one of the best vacations of their life. It was challenging to decide to have a wedding out of the country, knowing we would have to cut the guest list to about 20 people and that many people wouldn’t be able to make it. Many people had opinions about us having our wedding so far away, but at the end of the day, we did what we wanted to do and made the day truly about us. It ended up paying off for everyone that was able to attend.

Finding Perfection in a Venue Amongst the Dolomites

We spent so much time looking for the perfect venue. We knew we wanted to get married on the mountain, but we also wanted a beautiful view of the Dolomites for our reception. We found the perfect venue, which had both an indoor and outdoor venue with plenty of space for music, apps, brunch, dancing, mingling, etc. I first saw Seceda walking down the “aisle” to my husband. It completely took my breath away. It was such a fantastic moment to experience beauty while walking down the aisle to get married.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Christin Eide
Event Planning – Makeda Wedding Planner
Venue – Como Alpina Dolomites
Floral Design – Florale Werkstatt
Cake – Garage Patisserie
Officiant – Giuliano Bonelli


Congratulations to Ashlyn and Alex on their colorful summer brunch wedding in the Dolomites. Their small and cozy celebration allowed them to enjoy every moment, focusing on what truly mattered—their connection. Thank you to Junebug vendor Christin Eide for beautifully capturing their happiest memories. Check out more of Christin’s work by visiting her profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world!

Choosing a micro wedding creates a more intimate and heartfelt experience for you, your partner, and your loved ones. Whether it’s about the venue or decor, our guide is filled with ideas and tips to make your big day truly special and personal.

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