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June 26, 2023 | riley

It’s almost here! The Junebug Weddings Choice Awards are nearly underway. There are six categories up for grabs in this year’s Choice Awards and we’ve detailed each category below to better explain what we’re looking for and the types of nominations that we think will do best. The categories are a little different than they were in years past, so be sure to read each description before nominating. As a reminder, only real weddings will be considered. We’re excited to review your nominations and can’t wait to share the nominees with the world during open voting!

1. Best Wedding Choice Award

When considering Best Wedding, we’re looking at every single detail from fashion to the venue to florals. We want to see a distinct, cohesive style that translates from ceremony to reception. These weddings should be chock-full of details, fashion-forward looks on the newlyweds and their wedding party, and keep us dreaming all the way into next year!

Check Out Last Year’s Best Wedding Winner:

Image by The Foxes

2. Best Elopement Choice Award

For Best Elopement, we want to see the most epic, inspiring, and heartfelt intimate celebrations from the last year! Wow us with couples tying the knot in amazing locations who put their unique spin on saying “I do” and brought plenty of personality to the ceremony. We want to see couples who broke tradition in style and made the most out of their nuptials and celebration.

Check Out Last Year’s Best Elopement Winner:

3. Best Wedding Video Choice Award

We’re stocking up on tissues for the Best Wedding Video category, so bring on the videos that pull at our heartstrings. This category is about artfully telling the story of the couple and their beautiful celebration. We want to see a wedding that blows us away with its beautiful moments, but we’re looking for creativity and artistry when it comes to wedding day coverage. Is your approach to filmmaking a cut above the rest? Nominate your favorite wedding films from the last year and show off your skills!

Check Out Last Year’s Best Wedding Video Winner:

Videography by Cinema Captures Inc

4.  Best Floral Design

We like big bouquets and we cannot lie! Did one of your weddings this year have mind-blowing florals? We want to see it all from bridesmaids bouquets to ceremony installation to centerpieces. We’re talking next-level florals that are as unique as they are eye-catching. As with the other categories, we want to see artistry that is cohesive and distinct throughout the day, so the best nominees will be weddings with stand-out florals beyond a beautiful bridal bouquet.

Check Out Last Year’s Best Floral Design Winner:

Image by Foolishly Rushing In. Floral Design by Rogue and Fox Floral Co.

5. Best Wedding Fashion Choice Award

If you’ve submitted to this category as part of our Choice Awards in the past you’ll want to pay extra attention—we’ve changed some things up! We’ve combined Best Bridal Style, Best Groom Style, and Best Wedding Party Style into Best Wedding Fashion, which highlights exceptional fashion choices for each part of the couple and wedding party. We want to see fashion-forward newlyweds whose personal style is fresh and unique coupled with on-trend bridesmaids and groomsmen whose looks complement the wedding.

Check Out Last Year’s Best Wedding Fashion Winner:

Images by Ashlee Huff

6. Best Wedding Moment Choice Award

At the end of the day, we all know that weddings aren’t just about aesthetics. There are tear-filled first looks, laughter-filled toasts, and many moments between. For the Best Wedding Moment category, we want to see the single photo that captures an emotion-driven story from the wedding day. We’re looking for Dad-and-Daughter first looks, Grandma squeezing the Groom’s hand at the reception, sentimental moments with the bridal party, or any special exchanges between the couple on their big day that might pull at our heartstrings.

Check Out This Previous Best Moment Winner:

Nominations for the 2023 Choice Awards open July 5th at 12:01 PM Central Time. We can’t wait to see what you submit!

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    • Hi Allen, I understand your confusion! However, our annual Choice Awards are meant to reward individual weddings, rather than overall vendors. For instance, the floral design category is rewarding a specific wedding’s floral design (the bouquets that were created for this specific bride/bridesmaids, etc.). We award the best wedding photography in our annual Best of the Best Wedding photo contest, which opens for submissions on 11/2/2016!

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