Colored Stone Alternative Wedding Rings by Cathy Waterman

September 15, 2010 | editorial team

alternative wedding rings with colored stones by Cathy Waterman, available at www.twistonline.com

When it comes to wedding and engagement rings I love all kinds – traditional, modern, antique, simple and tasteful or bling-bling-bling. I also adore really alternative designs with creative metals, colored stones and rustic textures, and these current pieces from jeweler Cathy Waterman (via TwistOnline.com) have absolutely captured my imagination. They combine romantic, rock-and-roll and vintage sensibilities, and in my dream world I totally want to be friends with the women who wear these as their wedding rings!

How about you? What’s your wedding ring like? 


alternative wedding rings with colored stones by Cathy Waterman, available at www.twistonline.com

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  1. oh! OHOH!!! i want them all. soooooo pretty!

  2. I’m a classic diamond girl when it comes to my wedding ring, but I wouldn’t mind having one of these too! They’re beautiful.

  3. I couldn’t go for this as a wedding ring, but any other finger would be happy to wear one! I happen to love the classic sparkle of a diamond ring.

  4. Wow! if these aren’t the most beautiful rings! i just forwarded this to my boyfriend…might not marry him if he doesn’t propose with one…lol…

  5. Cathy Waterman is clearly a talented, creative designer — proven by her distinctive style and one-of-a-kind looking rings. I’m not married yet — but I’m definitely going to drop hints to the BF about these for my engagement ring. I used to think I’d prefer something traditional, but one of these bold rings with diamond details is even more stunning. I mean, with rustic russian diamonds and ornate designs, it totally reminds me of revolutionary times when jewels signified royalty — as you should feel like on your wedding day! Add a couple of her dainty diamond bands on either side and I’ve got a combination I know is never coming off. Which bands would you guys wear with one of these stellar rings?

  6. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! i have been looking ALL OVER THE INTERNET for a ring like these! This makes me incredibly happy!

  7. You know this made me think, I have been seeing a lot of colored vintage inspired rings lately in some of the wedding pictures Ive been scouring through on the web…they are so original….I love these designs!! Thanks for sharing!! xoxox Anna http://www.pinkpeonyweddings.blogspot.com

  8. Just love them all! And the garland ring also comes in Amethyst…More to see at http://www.ylang23.com/shop.cfm?ShopBy=Designers&CategoryName=rings&DesignerID=1

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