Calling this Isle of Skye and Dolomites Elopement Epic Would be an Understatement

January 22, 2018 | colleen

Two locations are better than one in this Dolomites elopement. Giulia and Federico said their vows at Isle of Skye and then made their way to Italy for some breathtaking views in Dolomites. The Ferros joined them and photographed the most beautiful and intimate moments. Giulia and Federico started the adventure off getting ready together complete with coffee for two. Giulia wore two stunning dresses – the first one handmade by her mother, and the second one is a dreamy Rara Avis dress. With a bouquet in hand and a boutonniere placed, Giulia and Federico’s style was complete thanks to The Floral Design Boutique.

The Couple:

Giulia and Federico

The Wedding:

Dolomites, Italy

Being a very intimate kind of wedding, its planning has been very simple and relaxed. We wanted to enjoy every single phase of it, filling it with only the things we love the most. Our main idea was to experience a day made of our passions which are wilderness, travel, and hiking! A moment dedicated to us, with no frills. 

I have been lucky enough to have two very special dresses. The one I wore in Skye has been tailor-made by my mom, so it’s something super special to me. The second is an amazing dreamy dress, made by this brand Ange Etoile Rara Avis. I took care of my own hair and makeup to keep everything simple. I love essential elegance so it has to be my day’s style!

We have a shot that moved us so much as soon Nico and Vinx, the photographers, shared with us. It is the one where Fede is holding my hands and drying his own tears with my fingers. It was the moment when we made our vows in Skye. I will never forget the explosion of feelings we both had! It’s a moment with such an incredible value as looking at it we still perfectly remember how we’re feeling.



We wanted to reach a place where we would have never been before. It had to be somewhere wild. So we asked for some suggestions to our photographers (which are destination photographers) and shared with them the fact that we’ve always wanted to go to Isle of Skye. We were all so excited about it! When we went back home we had this idea to continue our experience. So we decided to go to one of our favorite place, San Martino di Castrozza on the Dolomites. The whole thing has been something we will never forget. A journey from Scotland to the Alpes which will stay forever in our best memories.

Nico and Vinx are amazing professionals but also super humble human beings. They have been always supportive and gave us the opportunity to enjoy even more our wedding making us feel understood, always at our ease. It was so easy and fun too to share ideas, feelings with them.

We actually loved every moment of it. If we have to choose just one, it’d be when we were literally blown away by the incredible sunset we found on the peak of the Dolomites! We felt like we were on the top of the world, where we could only hear our hearts beating and the wind. It was so foggy we got lost for a moment, it was also so much fun!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – The Ferros
Floral Design – The Floral Design Boutique
Wedding Dress – Rara Avis


The biggest congratulations to Giulia and Federico on their wedding, and thank you to The Ferros for sharing their intimate elopement with us! Can’t get enough of these epic views? Then take a look at this thrilling and romantic Banff helicopter elopement at Marvel Pass.

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