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April 16, 2022 | morgan

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Wedding planning can feel like you’re running a twelve-month marathon. Processing the stress of planning your wedding day—whether it’s a 300-guest affair or an intimate elopement—is better when you’ve got a personal trainer by your side. Finding and partnering with a personal trainer who is invested in your goals and health is within reach with our friends at HipTrain

If you’ve been looking for a great workout to help you release all the stress and tension you’ve built up while working on your wedding plan, look no further. HipTrain offers affordable personal training sessions for less than the price of your lunch. Their mission is to make fitness more affordable, accessible, convenient, and—most importantly—fun. 

We partnered with HipTrain for a giveaway a few months ago and we checked back in with our giveaway winners to hear about their experience being matched with their HipTrain personal trainers. Not surprisingly, everyone had great things to say about getting matched with their trainer, working with their trainers, and the magic of HipTrain.

The Magic In The Match

To start getting matched with a personal trainer they each answered questions about specific training goals, their ideal schedule, and preferred workout styles—options like yoga, weight lifting, CrossFit. Once they filled out their questionnaires they were each matched with their ideal trained fitness professionals from around the world.

Junebug Tip:

HipTrain recently launched an iOS app and you can download it directly in the Apple app store for an even easier experience. 

What It’s Like Working With a HipTrain Instructor

Personal training should be personal and with a HipTrain instructor, it actually is! Once you’re matched, each session you’ll work with the same trainer—not just whoever is available that day. Every personal trainer is friendly, upbeat, energetic, and will motivate you in a personalized manner. 

Your HipTrain trainer will feel like your gym buddy who actually knows what they’re doing. Because you’re working with someone who is invested in your goals, they can also give you extra stretches and exercises that you can do on your own outside of your sessions.

You don’t need any equipment to work with HipTrain coaches. If you’ve got dumbbells or other equipment available, they can incorporate it into your workouts. But it’s not required. Remember, these folks know what they’re doing. You’ll build muscle and break a sweat without swinging a single kettlebell—unless you want to.

HipTrain Trainers Are Real People

One of the winners of our giveaway told us that her trainer’s dog will sometimes make appearances during their workouts which helps reinforce the human side of your sessions, too. Sometimes a cute dog is all the motivation you need for one more set—right? 

photo by Jessica Amber. See more of this real wedding here.

What HipTrain Customers Are Saying

HipTrain users don’t just love their experience for their great workouts. They also love how affordable personal training is on any budget—which is especially great when you’re already budgeting for your wedding!

Lauren and Steve Love Working Through Their Wedding Planning Stress

We signed up for HipTrain to get ready for our wedding this summer. While we wanted to feel and look our best, we’ve loved HipTrain for the stress relief. Planning a wedding (especially during Covid) has been so, so stressful. Our wedding was canceled twice and the two workouts a week we have with our trainer are literally highlights for us. It’s also become a fun date night activity where we work out together with our trainer and get a little escape from wedding planning.

Tina F Loves How Convenient HipTrain Is

HipTrain is amazing! I’ve always wanted a personal trainer but never had the money to hire one or the time to drive to a gym. Now that I’ve raised a family and am semi-retired from teaching, it’s finally my time. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work out with a trainer who is committed to me and my goals in the comfort of my own home. HipTrain is both affordable and convenient and I look forward to the impact it will have on my life.

Jennifer Loves Affordable Personal Training And Sharing It With Bridesmaids

I started HipTrain in December of 2021 to prepare for my wedding with just one session a week. Now I do three a week with my trainer Demian. I never thought I could afford a trainer, but HipTrain is an affordable personal training option and it’s been so nice to not have to think about or plan my workouts in advance. I’ve been so busy with my job and studying and now wedding planning, that I think I probably would have just stopped working out if it wasn’t for HipTrain! I’ve recommended HipTrain to all my bridesmaids and three of them have already signed up and started working out with their own trainers.

Keerthi S Loves That The Trainers Are Knowledgable 

Today had my first class with Matilde. She is extremely knowledgeable and excellent at form correction which really helped me. She tailored workouts based on my needs and provided a detailed training plan for the upcoming days. I would definitely recommend her and will always be thankful to HipTrain.

Lucy J Has Been Using HipTrain for Months!

I’ve always wanted to have a personal trainer but have never been able to afford one. I found HipTrain and couldn’t be happier. I have been working out twice a week with Demian for just over 3 months and pay just $12 a week. I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t have a trainer with HipTrain. Highly recommend!

Aya A Loves How Affordable Personal Training With HipTrain Is

HipTrain was fast to respond and matched me with a trainer right away. I loved that they offer a free week to try the app and see if you are compatible with the trainer. Now, I train three times a week with my trainer Ayelen. She is very professional, punctual, friendly and just an amazing person and a trainer. I am absolutely comfortable training with her and will continue doing so for a long time! I would highly recommend the app, and the price is unbeatable.

Kelly S Loves That HipTrain Is Effective, Efficient, And Fun

I was blown away with how effective, efficient, and fun it was working out with HipTrain! Living in New York City, a similar workout would cost me 5x for a group class or 10-20x for a personal training session. I strongly recommend and will be adding HipTrain as an integral part of my workout schedule.

Try HipTrain For Free For One Week

Getting through wedding planning is stressful and expensive. HipTrain is wedding budget friendly and will help you kick the stress without breaking the bank. You can try HipTrain for free for one week, no commitment is required. Then, you can choose a membership plan that works for you and your budget. 

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