These 50 Gemstone Engagement Rings are a Millennial Bride’s Best Friend

November 24, 2019 | nicole

photo by Ben and Colleen

If you’ve been on the hunt for a unique engagement ring, one of these 50 gemstone engagement rings just might be The One! Gemstone engagement rings stand out from the crowd and are often more affordable than diamond rings. These beauties we rounded up include everything from sapphires to emeralds to moonstones and represent just about every color of the rainbow.

Ready to fall in love with these gemstone engagement rings?

ZacdeGal Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring

Aardvark Jewellry Mint Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Eidel Precious Peacock Sapphire Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Sofia Zakia Wandering Star Ring with Opal

Aardvark Jewellry Champagne Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Envero Jewelry Hexagon Peacock Sapphire Diamond Ring

Capucinne Watermelon Tourmaline Pear-Shaped Solitaire Ring

Aardvark Jewellry Alexandrite and Diamond Ring

GNG Jewel Pink Morganite 8mm Round 14K Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry Solid Gold Moonstone & Diamond Hexagon Ring

Aarkvark Jewellry Opal, Morganite and Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

Melanie Casey Clear Water Ring

Rare Earth Oval Green Amethyst Ring

Aardvark Jewellry Padparadscha Peach Sapphire Engagement Ring

Emi Conner Stella Octagon London Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

Capucinne Sunstone Halo Diamond Ring

Charlie and Marcelle Pear Moonstone Crown Ring in Rose Gold

Aardvark Jewellry Antique Inspired Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Cool Ring Jewelry Black Onyx Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emi Conner Sophie Australian Opal & Crown Ring Set

Aardvark Jewellry Teal Moissanite and Diamond Engagement Ring

Melanie Auld Moonstone Medina Ring

Anna Sheffield Bea Three Stone Ring in Yellow Gold & Peach Morganite

Aardvark Jewellry Midnight Grey Moissanite and Diamond Unique Engagement Ring

Capucinne June Ring

Aardvark Jewellry Pear Cut Champagne Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Emi Conner Skylar Ring with Opal

Capucinne London Blue Topaz Diamond Engagement Ring

Anna Sheffield Bea East/West Solitaire Ring in Rose Gold & Green Tourmaline

Bario Neal Linear Hex Sapphire Ring

Vale Juno Ring with Teal Sapphire in Yellow Gold

Vinny and Charles Pink Amethyst Diamond Engagement Ring

Aardvark Jewellry Mint Moissanite and Diamond Art Deco 1920’s Inspired Engraved Engagement Ring

Capucinne Janine Umba Garnet Diamond Ring

Bario Neal Eaves Cluster Opal with Morganite Ring

Aardvark Jewellry Moonlight Moissanite and Diamond Unique Engagement Ring

Sofia Zakia Sapphire Wandering Star Ring

Melanie Auld Aquamarine Medina Ring

Aarkvark Colour Change Alexandrite and Diamond Engagement Ring

Olive Avenue Jewelry Emerald Champagne Sapphire Engagement Ring

Capucinne Taia Moss Agate Ring with Teal Sapphires

Aardvark Jewellry Opal and Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

Emi Conner Victoria Romantic Cluster Ring

Oore Alexandrite Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

Aardvark Jewellry Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

Breeze Studio Co Emerald Cut Lab Created Emerald Engagement Ring

Bario Neal Orla Cluster Sapphire Ring

Bario Neal Avens Diamond Princess Ring

Aardvark Jewellry Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

Melanie Casey In the Sky with Midnight Blue Sapphire

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photo by Memory Box Photography

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  1. Love this! We all know how much personality and individuality couples put into their weddings so why should engagement rings all be the same!? I’m not going to pretend like I knew all of these gemstones but wow, they are all stunning!

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