37 Adorable Photos of Same-Sex Couples That Prove Love is Love

June 20, 2017 | nicole

photo by Suzy Goodrick Photography

In honor of Pride Month, we couldn’t help but look back at some of the incredible same-sex couples who have graced our blog. These adorable photos of same-sex couples enjoying their wedding days and getting ready to say “I do” with sweet engagement sessions not only get us right in the feels, but they prove that love is love.

photo by The Image Is Found

photo by Sara Rogers Photography

photo by Rouxby

photo by The Kitcheners

photo by Marco Miglianti

photo by Aaron & Whitney Photography

photo by John David Weddings

photo by Carey Nash

photo by Eleanor & Pete

photo by Samuel Goh Photography

photo by Shaun Menary Photography

photo by Suzy Goodrick Photography

photo by Vitae Weddings

photo by Loren Weddings

photo by Sara Rogers Photography

photo by Joelsview Photography

photo by Faces Photography

photo by Stephen Bunn Photography

photo by M2 Photography

photo by Eric Rene Penoy

photo by Helena & Laurent

photo by Jordan Quinn Photography

photo by Sarah Postma Photography

photo by Joelsview Photography

photo by Alisha Siegel Photography

photo by Joe+Kathrina

photo by Regina As The Photographer

photo by Heart & Sparrow Photography

photo by Story & Gold Weddings

photo by Carla Penoncelli

photo by Lookimaginary

photo by Megan Yanz

photo by Twisted Oaks Studio

photo by Frances Beatty

photo by Julia Kinnunen

photo by Jess Soper

photo by Anna Kim Photography

Did these photos of same-sex couples totally melt your heart? Grab your tissues and check out these 17 amazingly heartfelt first look moments!

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  1. These pictures are very nice also the blog is really good in this blog nice info share by Nicole. I always read your blog on a daily basis, there is no doubt your blog is too good

  2. Nice well captured emotion in these shots I like!

  3. Love all the emotions and fun moments in all of these images.

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