Wedding Images from La Vie Photography

December 28, 2007 | editorial team

Today’s treats are the favorite wedding images of 2007 from Kim and Adam Bamberg at La Vie Photography. Kim and Adam’s images are always fabulously romantic, and as one of the Junebug owners, Kim’s impressive photo editing artistry can be seen in all of our Real Weddings, and throughout the whole Junebug site. Enjoy!

1. “This was truly a magic moment, the bride and groom were seeing each other for the first time that day and I loved how they were in their own world together.” 


2. “What a dress! I couldn’t get enough of the back. This photo was taken right after the ceremony, the couple had lined up to greet their guests and in the midst of all the activity the groom rested his hand on the bride’s back for just a moment, so sweet.”


3. “This was one of my favorite moments of the year, as Diane walked down the long isle, Mark tried to wait patiently but he just couldn’t do it and ended up joining her halfway. Holding their 3 month old daughter, they stood there for a long time relishing the moment.”

4. “Right before it was her turn to walk down the isle this little flower girl looked back at me and smiled, so cute!”

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  1. Amazing photos! Amazing stories! Amazing photographers!!! I love them all!!!

  2. That first image is sweet. It’s always my favorite part of the wedding day. And that dress back photo is art….I hope the couple gets that one framed!

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