Wedding Gifts for Guys- Creative Cuff Links

March 12, 2008 | editorial team

I kept running across photos of these super cool cuff links made from the actual old wooden seats from Wrigley Field, RFK Stadium and Yankee Stadium (baseball lovers rejoice!) so I finally went to check them out at Eco-Artware.com and found a treasure trove of other cool cuff links made from recycled materials. How great would any of these green gifts be for your groom or groomsmen to wear?


For the city guy- cuff links made from old subway tokens from New York, Chicago, Boston, D.C. and San Francisco.


For the writer- cuff links made from vintage typewriter keys. For the gamer- cuff links made from old scrabble tiles and dice. For the collector- cuff links made from buffalo nickels, Indian head pennies and mercury dimes. And for the gadget guy- cuff links made from vintage watch movements. So fun, and eco-friendly to boot!


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  1. Cufflinks are really the only acceptable accessory for a man in such formal circumstances.  As a future groom, cufflinks are also really fun to shop for as you can easily find styles suiting individual tastes and budgets, from vintage Swank stuff to more modern designers.

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