Wedding Bouquet Centerpieces

August 15, 2007 | editorial team

Flowers, and especially the bridal bouquet, are such a beautiful, traditional and iconic part of a wedding. Just like a veil, a bouquet can instantly transform a woman into a bride. Once the ceremony is over, the photographs have been taken and the dinner, dancing and fun have begun, what to do with the bouquet is a question that always seems to come up. One solution that’s a sure fire winner is to use the bridal party bouquets as table centerpieces. I love these elegant ways of showcasing the bouquets in vases or on cake stands. The flowers are lifted off the table and protected, you get extra use out of the most beautiful flowers of the day, and the look is simply stunning!

all images above from MarthaStewart.com

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  1. absolutely gorgeous blog!!  i want to be a wedding planner when i grow up!:)

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