Vintage and Custom Wedding Parasols from Bella Umbrella

March 24, 2008 | editorial team

Photos clockwise from top left: Bradley Hanson, Elegant Bride, Positive Light Photography, Stephanie Cristalli


The perfectly pretty parasols from Bella Umbrella are so full of charm that they’re a hit at every wedding, no matter what the color palette, theme, or mood of the celebration! For bright sunny days they keep people cool, during unexpected showers they provide much needed shelter, and as fashion accessories they add color and personality like nothing else can. Owner Jodell Egbert has been collecting vintage umbrellas for years and has an unbelievably extensive selection for brides across the country to easily rent or to buy. The rental period is 5 days long and all umbrellas come with a prepaid return shipping label so you can just drop them in the mail when the festivities are done. If you want to purchase Bella Umbrellas, they make fantastic bridesmaids gifts, and if you choose 9 or more from her Signature line you can buy them at the wholesale price! What a deal!


She has gorgeous vintage white wedding parasols


Bella’s own line of Bella Signature umbrellas with canopy and handle color combinations you can mix and match…


And hundreds of other vintage umbrellas in every color under the sun, and more ruffles, layers, patterns, prints, decorated undersides, and beautiful handles than you’ve ever seen!

Great news for Seattle area brides: Bella Umbrella has recently moved and opened up a Ballard area studio where you can see these stunning umbrellas in person. Call today to make an appointment to swoon over all the amazing choices!



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  1. So feminine, and super fun!

  2. This just makes me want to watch The Umbrellas of Cherbourg http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058450/ for like the millionth time. What a great idea, especially in Seattle :)

  3. I adore parasols at a wedding. They add such a sweet charm!

  4. Christine,

    I just posted about Bella last week on my site!  Great minds think alike!  I think parasols are divine.  

    Glad to see we are on the same wavelength!  I’m a big fan of Junebug!

  5. Oh so pretty, and such a sweet detail!

  6. Love the parasols, such a great idea!

  7. Yeah for Bella Umbrella.  They made my CTW on March 5th!  They have so many choices…I don’t know how one would narrow it down…

  8. Love the vibrant colors!

  9. I love these! I want these! What a great selection of images! So beautiful!

  10. Ohhhhh. How fun are these! I love this!

  11. It is really amazing to imagine of these photos without the parasols & picture the difference. They add personality & style to the wedding album. Great idea. My Best, Jeff Collins Professional Haberdasher http://www.MyHaberdasher.com

  12. We are starting to plan the style of our wedding and were thinking a gangster vintage look but the wedding will be outside and in June so hot it seems that it will be hard to find an outfit that fits the theme and is still cool for the heat way do you think

  13. Just an FYI to all the brides and general connoisseurs of stylish umbrellas, many of the umbrellas featured here and many more, including our Signature Bella Pagoda umbrella, can now be purchased at our new online store at http://www.umbrellas.net. Our full line of vintage rental umbrellas can still be found at http://vintage.bellaumbrella.com. Please check us out.

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