23 Unique Engagement Rings Modern Brides Will Love

July 5, 2023 | marissa

23 unique engagement rings from Point No Point

There are few pieces of jewelry with as much variety and significance as engagement rings. And we know one thing for sure–you don’t have to be on the verge of an engagement to enjoy browsing them. From glimmering diamonds and colorful gemstones to fun design trends, the beauty of engagement rings can hypnotize just about anyone.

But for some of us, the unique engagement rings are the real showstoppers. No shame to any classic ring lovers out there, but a nontraditional, distinctively different engagement ring has the ability to spark a bit of magic. There’s something empowering and uplifting behind wearing an engagement ring unlike anyone else’s. And what better way to represent your relationship than with a ring as unique as your love?

For all of you alternative ring appreciators, Point No Point is the jewelry designer of your dreams. This brand is “for those who dare to do diamonds differently.” Here you’ll find original rings with stunning features like black diamonds, geometric cuts, and stackable bands. Not only are their engagement rings nontraditional, but they’re also handcrafted with sustainable practices, conflict-free diamonds, and recycled precious metals. We know you’ll want to spend hours perusing their site, but we gathered some of our favorite Point No Point unique engagement rings for you.

Our Favorite Unique Engagement Rings

Salt and Pepper Diamonds 

If standing out is your goal, you can’t go wrong with a salt and pepper diamond. Each of these diamonds is characteristically different from the next, with no two ever being identical. All diamonds are pure carbon, meaning salt and pepper diamonds are chemically the same–and just as durable–as white diamonds. They just have a little galaxy of speckles inside, making them true celestial beauties.

salt and pepper diamonds

(Rings from top to bottom) 1. .85ct Salt and Pepper Kite Diamond with Astrid Setting 2. 2.14ct Salt and Pepper Hexagon Diamond with Jules Setting 3. 2.05ct Salt and Pepper Pear Diamond with Zoe Setting 4. .90ct Salt and Pepper Hexagon Diamond with Dahlia Setting 5. 1.24ct Salt and Pepper Geometric Pear Diamond with Bezel Jane Setting

Geometric Cuts

We’re all familiar with the ever-present round-cut, princess-cut, and oval-cut stones used for engagement rings. But you can take your ring to the next level with a geometric cut. Think hexagons, trapezoids, geometric pears, as well as kite and shield shapes. Some of Point No Point’s geometric stones don’t even have an identifiable shape name–what’s more unique than that?

stones with geometric cuts for engagement rings

1.07ct Clear Shield Diamond with Jane Setting 2. 1.50ct Salt and Pepper Trapezoid Diamond with Engraved Jane Setting 3. 1.16ct Geometric Diamond 4. 1.74ct Salt and Pepper Kite Diamond with Quinn Setting 5. 1.70ct Icy White Geometric Diamond with Avaline Setting

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are inherently sophisticated, subtle, and outside the box. Though similar to the salt and pepper variety, these diamonds have more color consistency than their speckled relative.

It’s important to note that there is a vast range in the quality of black and salt and pepper diamonds on the market. But Point No Point selects only the highest-quality stones, skipping ones with surface pits or cracks.

unique engagement rings with black diamonds

1.36ct Black Hexagon Diamond with Jules Setting 2. 1.15ct Black Round Diamond with Cosette Setting 3. 1.72ct Black Marquise Diamond with Jane Setting 4. 1.48ct Black Kite Diamond with Bezel Quinn Setting


Diamonds have been the predominant engagement ring gemstone choice for nearly a century. Break the mold with a non-diamond stone to adorn your unique engagement ring. Point No Point can work with any type of gemstone, so contact them if you have a particular stone in mind. Just note that certain gemstones are only available in specific cuts, due to that stone’s makeup and durability.

sapphire and aquamarine gemstone rings

1.33ct Blue Hexagon Sapphire with Ava Setting 2. 1.23ct Teal Blue Hexagon Sapphire with Cluster Setting 3. 1.35ct Pink Tourmaline Hexagon with Winnie Setting 4. 1.15ct Lozenge Aquamarine and Diamond with Ava Setting

One-of-a-Kind Settings

Don’t leave all of the beauty and uniqueness up to the stone. Point No Point has multiple engagement ring settings that will make your ring one-of-a-kind. Choose from features like bezels, clusters, and asymmetrical halos.

engagement rings with unique settings

1.12ct Salt and Pepper Kite Diamond with Aderyn Setting 2. 2.57ct Black Oval Diamond with Monarch Setting 3. 1.19ct Salt and Pepper Diamond with Cluster Setting 4. 1.68ct Salt and Pepper Hexagon Diamond with Empress Setting 5. 1.79ct White Pear Diamond with Shilo Setting

About Point No Point 

Established in 2011 by Julie Stark Allen, the Point No Point brand was inspired by her home state of Washington’s natural beauty. One look at their rings, and you’ll recognize nature’s influence on each design. The pieces are crafted in Snohomish, Washington, from start to finish with sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials. Every diamond is hand cut and CAD renders–or precise computer-generated mockups–are created for every ring. This ensures correct measurements and proportions for the highly unique stones, which is in sharp contrast to the rest of the ring industries’ mass-produced settings and calibrated stones. 

Point No Point unique engagement rings

Custom Unique Engagement Rings

If you spotted design elements you love in the rings above but still didn’t see your perfect match, you’re in luck. Point No Point makes it easy to design and customize a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. That’s right–you can achieve the epitome of uniqueness and create your own ring using Point No Point’s collection of alternative black, salt and pepper, and unique diamonds (which is larger than any other jeweler.) Shop their inventory of loose diamonds and gemstones to begin the process.

Wedding planning offers endless opportunities to be unique, unconventional, and one-of-a-kind. And a great place to start is with the ring you’ll wear forever.

This post is sponsored by Point No Point. Your support of our partners allows us to continue creating valuable content in the future. Thank you for being an essential part of our community.

23 unique engagement rings perfect for modern brides

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