These 30 Father-Daughter Wedding Moments are Almost Too Sweet to Handle

November 29, 2017 | nicole

photo by Photography Anthology

It isn’t uncommon for us to get a little weepy while scrolling through beautiful wedding photos each day, but there’s one part of the wedding that seems to get us every single time: father-daughter moments. Whether it’s a first look with Dad, walking down the aisle arm in arm, or a father-daughter dance, it’s those moments that take us over the edge into a full-on sobfest. Don’t believe us? You try scrolling through these emotional moments without grabbing a tissue! Oh, and to take it to the next level, why don’t you turn on our playlist of 60 father-daughter dance songs to get you right in the feels.

photo by Love Stories by Halie and Alec

photo by Amanda Marie Studio

photo by Dawn Charles

photo by Samuel Goh Photography

photo by JC Guzman Photography

photo by Jeff Brummett Visuals

photo by Ben and Colleen: Wedding Photographers

photo by Jonnie + Garrett

photo by Sarah Joy Photo

photo by The Image Is Found

photo by The Image Is Found

photo by Photography Anthology

photo by Autumn Nicole Photography

photo by Dearheart Photos

photo by Ivy and Pine

photo by Katherine Joy Photography

photo by Yellow Bird Visuals

photo by Regina as the Photographer

photo by Hartman Outdoor Photography

photo by Cortney Vamvakias Photography

photo by AGPcollective

photo by Athena Grace

photo by B. Matthews Creative

photo by Jana Contreras

photo by Sanford Creative

photo by Clarkie Photography

photo by Dearheart Photos

photo by Stephanie Sorenson

photo by Oak & Myrrh Photography

photo by Love Hunters

Since you’re already misty-eyed at these father-daughter moments, you may as well get your tissue box ready for these 17 amazingly heartfelt first looks.

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  1. All of these are sweet moments!

  2. The most emotional scene of wedding is father-daughter moments. Nice wedding Photography. Thanks

  3. Powerful and real. These are the photographs that will matter the most in 50 years time.

  4. Nice clicks. These photos made me emotional.

  5. I’m crying. These were so touching.

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