Super Stylish Wedding Ring Pillows

September 28, 2009 | editorial team

Two styles of ring pillows I’m totally digging = one of those times when, if faced with having to choose just one for my own wedding, I don’t know what in the world I would do. Except perhaps insist on lots and lots of ring pillows.

Clean, modern, chic ring pillows from 5eizen

Clean, modern, chic, stylish floral wedding ring pillows from 5eizen on Etsy.com


… and crafty, homemade, romantic wedding ring pillows from Evie S. So beautiful. I simply love them all!  

Crafty, homemade, romantic, graphic print fabric wedding ring pillows from Evie S on Etsy.com

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  1. I like the homemade looking ones by Evies! So unique and the detail is incredible! Makes me want to re-plan my wedding and buy one :)

  2. Love the blush colored floral! It’s sweet and pretty.

  3. absolutely love those designs, beautful and unique in different ways.

  4. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen someone use the 4th one you have pictured. It had a very classy “platinum weddings” look to it, which I liked.

  5. All of these are so great in their own unique way. I love the look of them rather than traditional white satin and lace pillows.

  6. These ring pillows are so pretty and unique! I just love the purple one! wonderful detailing!

  7. OMG – these are so cool!

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