Sentimental Winter Park Farmer’s Market Wedding

March 25, 2015 | nicole


With a broccoli-clad bouquet in hand, Mia said “I do,” to Doug at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market on a rainy day in Florida. The sweet couple chose a venue where they had spent many Saturday dates throughout their relationship. Every detail of their wedding was a reference to a sentimental aspect of their years as a couple. Nate + Lori captured the remarkable day in two mediums, both still images that move you and film that stops you in your tracks.

The Couple:

Mia and Doug

The Wedding:

Winter Park Farmer’s Market, Winter Park, Florida

The Inspiration:

Doug and I really just wanted the wedding to be inspired by the people we love most. We wanted every guest to feel important and loved. We wanted every thing in the room to be genuine. I wanted people to walk into our wedding and say, “This looks like Mia AND Doug” not just Mia.

Our wedding was at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market, where we loved to have Saturday morning dates. Our centerpieces were jasmine, succulents and rosemary from the farmer’s market planted in jars and tea cups from local thrift shops. My beautiful florist even put broccoli in my bouquet! The story is that our first valentines day, we were just in between friends and dating. Doug wanted to do something special but not scare me away. I’m a vegetarian, so he thought leaving a hand-made bouquet of broccoli on my doorstep would do the trick.

The whole night was just such a celebration of our extraordinary community and the artist hearts that dwell within it, all which are so dear to Doug and I’s story.






To get the full effect of how special Mia and Doug’s wedding was, stop and watch their wedding film!















The Moments:

When the officiant announced that Doug could kiss his bride, we kissed and the crowd cheered. All of a sudden the crowd began to cheer even harder. We opened our eyes and confetti was falling all around us! Our ushers had set off confetti cannons.

The Wedding Team:

Videography – Nate + Lori
Photography – Nate + Lori
Venue – Winter Park Farmer’s Market
Floral Design – Bee Balm Floral
Catering – Duo 58
Makeup Artist – True Love Bridal Beauty
Wedding Dress – David’s Bridal
Bridal Accessories – Urban Outfitters
Groom’s Apparel – ASOS
Rings – Blue Nile

A big thanks to Nate + Lori for sharing Mia and Doug’s story with Junebug! Love the theme behind Mia and Doug’s celebration? Check out Carlene and Russell’s farmer’s market inspired organic wedding.


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  1. What a sweet story! Love the broccoli in her bouquet. So unique!

  2. Beautiful Wedding… I especially loved the confetti after the ceremony!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring this wedding! It was so much fun working with them and helping them bring their vision to life. Having their wedding featured on this blog is a huge honor!!!!

  4. Wow ! how mach beautiful wedding photography in such these nice place . These are looking very spanking.

  5. Hello! In Mia and Doug wedding at the Winter Park Farmers Market where did they get the bamboo archway for there ceremony?

  6. The whole night was just such a celebration of our extraordinary community and the artist hearts that dwell within it. Beautiful Wedding… I especially loved the confetti after the ceremony!

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