Ruffle, feather and ribbon edged slips from Your Slip is Showing

October 15, 2008 | editorial team

Today, dear readers, is a big day. It will go down in the Junebug history books, it will be celebrated with whoops and hollers and champagne and probably a nap, it marks the end of a working marathon we’ve been running for quite a while. Today we’re handing in our book manuscript! Wa-hoo! Hooray! I am filled with glee at the thought of sending it off, but of course we have a bit more to do yet. To get through the rest of the editing, formatting and organizing that’s going on over here, I decided we all needed a little fashion pick-me-up. Hopefully it puts a little pep in your step today as well!
frilly feather, lace and ribbon fashion slips from your slip is showing

These fabulous fashion slips from Your Slip is Showing are just too much fun. I’m an obsessive lover of fashion, and a sucker for pretty lingerie, so what could be a better combination than these? Add one to that little black dress you’ve worn a million times and suddenly it’s brand new again, thrown one on under that tunic (that’s just a bit too short to wear without jeans underneath) and you’ve got an adorable new mini-dress, combine it with a sexy pencil skirt like the one in the photo above and you’ve got a super chic outfit for your rehearsal dinner, or wear one underneath a short white shift as an alternative and vintage looking wedding dress. The possibilities are endless! How would you wear them? Check out their website so see all the design options for yourself. 

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  1. Hooray to you ladies! What a great idea, these slips! My faves are the second one and the last one on right. I don’t think I can get myself to spend $100-$300 on one though.

  2. I am completely blown away by these beauties. My favorite by far is the ostrich feather, black and white slip. Under a simple little black dress….what a surprising touch of style for our rehearsal dinner! Okay so I agree…the price is steep. But what about a christmas present? Creativity should come into play….

  3. I absolutely am in love with this idea. This can completely transform an ordinary outfit. These slips are truly fabulous! Wonderful find!

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