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November 28, 2008 | editorial team

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope you had a wonderfully delicious day filled with friends, family and fun. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s all about gratitude (and scrumptious food!) and at Junebug we try to approach both life and business with a sense of gratitude in everything we do. Whether it’s for the wonderful things or the challenging things, if we can approach them all with an open heart and an appreciation for the opportunity to grow, then there’s no end to the positivity and inspiration we can draw from our experiences. In honor of all this love in the air, today we’re bringing you the work of a photographer who we met with in Los Angeles, and who blew us away with her warmth, her wisdom, her spirit, and of course, her work. 

Robin Layton Photography, award winning celebrity wedding, event and portrait photographer

Robin Layton is a photographer who Kim, Blair and I have admired since we first met in art school so many years ago. Over her long career she has photographed for newspapers, commercial clients, families and weddings, and has even been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Today she lives in L.A. and counts a long list of celebrities as her adoring clients. (Oprah, Colin Cowie, Jennifer Aniston, Sidney Poitier, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cindy Crawford, Carmen Electra and Toby McGuire just to name a few.) We were so excited to meet with her in her lovely West Hollywood home to talk weddings, but what we ended up learning was so much more!

Robin Layton Photography, award winning celebrity wedding, event and portrait photographer
When Robin first opened her gate to greet us we were immediately amazed by her presence (not to mention her fabulous robin’s egg blue vintage pick-up truck that Kim photographed above!) and the rest of the visit made us simply giddy. She is so passionate, thoughtful and authentically herself that by the time we left we were more inspired and ready to take on the world than ever before. Her approach to life is incredibly positive and gracious, and I think that you can really see those qualities come through in the images she creates. It’s no wonder she has accomplished so much and reached such heights in her career. We were beyond honored to get to know her and to to learn from her generous spirit.

Here is a sampling of some of Robin’s romantic and emotional wedding and event work… 

Robin Layton Photography, award winning celebrity wedding, event and portrait photographer

Her creative fine art dog portraiture…

Robin Layton Photography, fine art dog and portrait photographer

 Her strong and touching photojournalism…

Robin Layton Photography, Pulitzer Prize nominated photojournalist

 And her still and lovely lifestyle editorial work…

Robin Layton Photography, lifestyle editorial, portrait and wedding photographer
Thank you Robin, for creating such beautiful work, and for opening up your home and heart to us. We are eternally grateful for the inspiration you have given us, from way back when until today!

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  1. I love this post because it speaks to why you are my favorite blogger. Beyond super stylish, you are also kind, positive, and enthusiastic! Thanks for sharing Robin’s work, no wonder celebrities hire her, she rocks!!!

  2. Robin rocks! She is the best photographer in the world, besides me! We go waaaay back, and i believe she owes me a phone call! xoxoRaymie

  3. The photos of the soldier holding his little girl, and the father embracing his son next to the gravesite are riveting. I keep coming back to look at them.

  4. Robin is simply the best! with the most impeccable sense of style, keen eye for beauty. We love her! Thanks for sharing her work Kim

  5. O.K. – that pick-up is amazing.  I totally want one.  :)

  6. Her photo of the dog running in the streets of Virginia against the backdrop of a white fence is still hanging in my house as a gift from her.  She was fabulous back then, and it sounds like she is just as warm and wonderful as I remember.  I am glad to see that she has had such great success–she deserves it.  Robin is a living example of someone who had a blueprint for life and what she wanted, and from the sounds, and looks of it–she got all she dreamed of and more.  She is the real thing, and I will wish continued success to one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

  7. I met Robin on an airplane at a time when I was ready to give up photography as a career. She inspired me to keep going and I will never forget her words, “sometimes you have to stop trying to swim upstream.” I am forever grateful for the couple hours we spent together on that airplane.

  8. Robin, I’m a Friend from Humanity Healing Community (Rak) sent me a link to your site! Love your work! Your creative ANGLE is UNIQUE! NAMASTE , Gwendolyn @Ecochiccouture

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