Real Weddings- Jessica and Travis

February 15, 2008 | editorial team

Besides being absolutely stunning, today’s Real Wedding of Jessica and Travis warms my heart straight through! It was a day filled with joy, radiance and true celebration, because it was a day a long time coming! Jessica and Travis met at church camp when they were just 15, but sadly lost contact when Jessica moved away immediately afterwards.Years later something huge happened for Travis that would change both of their lives forever. He survived a near fatal illness that his doctors thought he had no hope of recovering from, and had an epiphany about the way he would live his life from that moment on. He was determined to reconnect with his church and all the friends and family he loved, and of course, Jessica was still in his heart and at the top of his list. After all those years, his e-mail found its way to her, and the rest is history!

They dated for three years and were engaged for one, so by the time their wedding day finally arrived they just wanted to celebrate! The focus of the day was on the reception and ensuring that their friends and family had the best time possible. They chose a bright and vibrant wedding color palette of periwinkle and orange with red, yellow and black accents to add to the festive feel of the Woodmark Hotel’s waterfront location. It was a long day of laughter, dancing and so much fun it seemed it was over in a flash. Looking back, Jessica is thrilled they decided to hire videographers Bogle Productions and photographers One Thousand Words Photography so they can forever relive all those moments that flew by so quickly. Congratulations Jessica and Travis! Thanks for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us!

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  1. What a beautiful love story. I love the first shoot with the veil over them. It looked like a perfect day!

  2. what a stunning color scheme and a beautiful day!

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