Private Waterfall Elopement in Olympic National Forest

July 20, 2017 | gabby

Jacquelyn and Travis set out to have an elopement that perfectly fit their needs, and ended up with a wonderful stress-free wedding in the Olympic National Forest that was calm and full of gorgeous moments! Along with their photographer Kandice Breinholt and their officiant, Jacquelyn and Travis braved the beautiful terrain of the forest for their emotional waterfall elopement, then explored the coastal areas during their passionate post-ceremony photos. The couple might have kept the details of their wedding as low-key as possible, but they didn’t hold back on fashion: Jacquelyn’s romantic Lillian West gown and Travis’s custom groom outfit were at once elegant and effortless, and we can’t get enough of their dog’s greenery collar from Thatch Floral!

The Couple:

Jacquelyn and Travis

The Wedding:

Olympic National Forest, Seattle, Washington

The most important aspect when planning our elopement was having a calm, relaxing day and making sure we didn’t lose sight of the day really meant to us.

We chose our wedding vibe based on the idea that we weren’t putting on a show for anyone other than ourselves. We wanted it to be very natural, romantic and overall laid back and fun. We wanted to feel like we were a part of nature and not stress the details too much — but to just do what felt natural.

We chose our venue because it was remote, spontaneous and we felt at home in the calming forrest. Keep focused on what matters…. each other. Stressing doesn’t actually help you plan!

We had a wedding photographer (Kandice) and videographer (Zach) and it couldn’t have been easier. What I loved about both of them was they were super easy going about us not having a timeline or set plan. I loved that they were both up for an adventure and willing to travel with us and capture the day.

From the groom: As someone who feels unnatural posing for photographs, it was as good as it gets. I felt very natural and the whole process was very easy going. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Kandice Breinholt
Venue – Olympic National Forest
Floral Design – Thatch Floral
Officiant – Morgan Thomas
Videography – Zack Lawson
Makeup & Hair Artist – Yessie Libby
Wedding Dress – Lillian West
Groom’s Apparel – R. Douglas


Congratulations to Jacquelyn and Travis, and a special thanks to Kandice Breinholt for sharing their day with us. Love this Pacific Northwest elopement’s forested vibes? Check out this candlelit Columbia Gorge elopement at Skamania Old Stone House!

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  1. Every detail from the photos you posted are amazing. Your bouquet is gorgeous! Something about nature that brings out the best in everyone and every event. As much as I love the beach, as I get a bit older, I am loving the forrest more. The pics you posted in the wooded areas are the best. Congrats and thank you for sharing!

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