Phenomenal Photography- Wedding Action Shots

May 28, 2009 | editorial team

Another edition of favorite wedding photographs from our super fabulous Art Director Kim…

The artists: Laurel McConnell Photography and Mark Brooke Photography

The adoration: I am in love with these two images for their energy. In both cases I get a real sense of the couples’ personalities. Plus, as a photographer I look at the images and am inspired by the way Laurel and Mark used the perfect combination of speed and aperture to capture these moments. Amazing!

Laurel McConnell Photography
Image above by: Laurel McConnell Photography


Mark Brooke Photography
Image above by: Mark Brooke Photography

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  1. 5:00 AM?!? Seriously Christy, you’re up posting at 5 in the morning? Oh, and those are phenomenal photographs.

  2. These are truly exceptional. Thanks for the awesome eye candy Kim!

  3. If these were my wedding photos I would have huge photos made from them to hang on my wall.

  4. WOW i LOVE. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just saved both of these images for some brides-gorgeous!!

  6. Fabulous images!!!

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