Spectacular Floral Design by Nancy Liu Chin

November 11, 2009 | editorial team

Nancy Liu Chin Designs, San Francisco wedding floral designer

Looking through the website of San Francisco floral designer Nancy Liu Chin the other day, I was totally enthralled by her portfolio of work. Not only because it’s so beautiful (which it absolutely is!) but also because she groups her portfolio galleries by wedding so you can really get a sense of the overall aesthetic of the event and the brilliant way that Nancy approaches her designs. She seems to mix, meld and layer together various arrangements to produce a singular, spectacular, and truly personalized effect. She creates truly unique floral decor in a wonderfully unexpected way. I love it!

Here are just a few of the weddings she showcases on her site…

A backyard bash wedding with bright pinks, yellows, greens and blues, floral design by Nancy Liu Chin, event design by Gloria Wong Design, images by Lisa Lefkowitz

A backyard bash wedding with bright pinks, yellows, greens and blues. Photographed by the incredible Lisa Lefkowitz and beautifully designed by Gloria Wong Design.


A modern Indian wedding with an aqua and poppy color palette, floral design by Nancy Liu Chin, images by Lisa Lefkowitz

A gorgeous, modern, aqua and poppy Indian wedding, photographed by Lisa Lefkowitz.


A playful rustic outdoor wedding with floral designs by Nancy Liu Chin, images by Lisa Lefkowitz

A charming, rustic, outdoor wedding with so many playful floral details! Photographed by Lisa Lefkowitz.

For more incredible inspiration and to learn all about Nancy’s services, be sure to visit her website and read her blog!

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  1. Gorgeous Florals! I love the turquoise blue and deep red floral in the indian inspired wedding photos!

  2. nancy is amazing! i have always admired and looked up to her, even BEFORE i started my own design firm 5 years ago! she is a gem of a talent!!!

  3. great photos. beautiful colors. lov it all

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