Peony Spring Wedding Flower Inspiration

April 19, 2011 | editorial team

spring wedding flowers - peonies in bridal bouquets and wedding decor

Springtime brings some of the loveliest options for sweet, delicate wedding flowers and the peony, with its ruffled, feminine and carefree look, can make an exquisite choice to incorporate into a wedding’s decor. To celebrate spring, here are some pretty, pretty peonies captured at weddings by the ever-so-talented Italian wedding photographer JoAnne Dunn

spring wedding flowers - pink and white peonies in bridal bouquets and wedding decor

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  1. Late May brides have all the luck! The rest of us get Raunaculus.

  2. These photographs are really very beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing your moments.

  3. what stunning photos!! There is no flower I adore more than a peony! what gorgeous wedding inspiration! xx dCc

  4. Absolutely my all time favorite flower. They are so fluffy looking and also pretty sturdy. Love them!!

  5. Peonies! I really adore them! :D Love love love the white ones in the second photo!

  6. I love your photos of the peony flowers!

  7. Oh my god I love them! I am definitely getting some of these at my wedding when I get married, whenever that is lol

  8. I am not familiar with the names of flowers but these pictures are absolutely beautiful! This is an awesome blog by the way!

  9. OMG peonies!! They look phenomenal! http://www.LeylaNavab.com

  10. peonies… one of the favourites for brides at the moment, they are so elegant & are perfect for a classic style of wedding

  11. That white peony brides bouquet is fabulous!

  12. Those are some lovely peony photos! The pink is my favorite.

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