Pacific Rim Weddings Magazine

August 6, 2007 | editorial team

For all of you magazine junkies out there, I’ve got a couple fun news items from Pacific Rim Weddings Magazine. If you’re a computer whiz kid and spend hour upon hour clicking through the internet looking for wedding inspiration, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Pacific Rim Weddings has developed a new way to view their entire magazine online. You can flip page by page, zoom in to get a closer look and follow links to featured products and professionals. If you’re more of an old school magazine addict and like to feel those glossy pages beneath your fingers tips, check out Pacific Rim Weddings’ special offer to purchase all 17 of their gorgeous past issues for only $29. What a deal! Either way, they’ve got fantastic ideas and beautiful images of tropical weddings that are sure to spark your imagination.


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  1. Oh how cool! I love their magazine, what a great new way to find inspiration online. Thanks for the info!

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