July 20, 2007 | editorial team

Have you ever had the experience of reading someone’s writing, and loving it so much you feel like you know them, are cosmically connected to them and that they are your new best friend, they just don’t know it yet?  Well my new best friend is Molly, author of the charming, thoughtful and perfectly quirky food blog Orangette. She writes about food, cooking and recipes with such affection, and blends her everyday experiences and emotions into the mix. What makes this blog all the more heart warming and fun for Junebug readers is that Molly is getting married to a lovely man named Brandon who she actually met through her blog, so for the last couple of years her relationship and wedding plans have figured prominently in her writing. Read the post where Molly introduces Brandon to her readers, the one where she describes all the things she loves about him, the one about how they came to be engaged (without crying, I dare you!) and the most recent one about the cakes and pickled carrots Molly and Brandon are joyously making for the wedding. This blog is not only a fantastic food resource and inspiration, but it’s a love story, and who doesn’t love that?


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  1. Good Morning! I am reading this just as we’re about to make breakfast. Perfect timing. I have been a long time Chocolate and Zucchini addict. Now I have another favorite culinary read. Also, that is the sweetest banner ever. Thanks for passing this along.

  2. so lovely! what fun to read, and how inspiring to think about how they are incorporating what they love in to their wedding. thanks so much for the introduction. i can’t wait to try some of the recipes, too!!

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