Junebug Moments – Father and Daughter

November 20, 2014 | nicole

The moments shared between a father and daughter at her wedding are often some of the most tender and candid. The relationship between father and daughter is unique and personal, and seeing how that connection can be captured by the wedding photographer is one of the most beautiful details a celebration can provide. Our Junebug photographers are masters at showcasing the bond between a bride and her dad and we’re so lucky to be able to share these moments.

Emma and her father share a quiet moment in the car on the way to venue for her thoughtful wedding in Western Australia.

natasja kremers034 image by Natasja Kremers

Nathalie and her dad also took a drive, and they laughed the whole way to her traditional Cornish countryside wedding.

Nathalie-Christopher-Ann-Kathrin-Photography-3-600x399 image by Ann-Kathrin Koch

Naomi and her dad walked arm in arm down the aisle during her garden-inspired wedding in Manitoba.

Naomi-Lewis-Curtis-Moore-Photography-29-600x399 image by Moore Photography

Clare’s dad had the honor of walking her down the aisle towards Rik for her sweet outdoor Toronto wedding.

Wildflower-Wedding-in-Toronto-15-600x400 image by Ash Nayler

During Kelynne’s elegant pink and gold wedding in Nebraska, she and her dad shared an emotional walk down the aisle with her hand his.

Kelynne-Drew-Gleason-Photography-23-600x399 image by Gleason Photography

Lindsay’s dad tried to hold it together before he gives her hand to Luke at their rustic-chic intimate beach wedding.

nara-and-athos-24-of-391 image by Chris Glenn

This sweet embrace between Kristen and her dad at her garden wedding at the Dallas Arboretum absolutely melts our hearts.


Dallas-Arboretum-wedding-with-photography-by-Erik-Clausen-Kristen-and-Travis-23-of-342 images by Erik Clausen

Justyna is having a blast during her father/daughter dance at her elegant black tie wedding in Ottawa.

http://michealbphotography.com image by Micheal Beaulieu

Nicole and her dad show off their moves on the dance floor at her rustic destination wedding at the Four Seasons, Scottsdale.

colorful-desert-wedding-four-seasons-scottsdale-arizona-erica-velasco-photographers-31 image by Erica Velasco

A huge thank you to our Junebug couples and the fantastic photographers who capture such cherished moments. For more unforgettable Junebug Moments, check out these adorable, emotional first looks.


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