New Wedding Love Stamps!

June 16, 2009 | editorial team

New USPS King and Queen of Hearts Love Stamps

Oh my goodness, can you say adorable? Kind of makes you want to use two stamps at once so you don’t have to separate those love birds, doesn’t it? Love the new Love Stamps! Visit USPS.com to order yours today, and remember, always take a final version of your wedding invitation to your local post office to find out just how much postage it requires. Wedding invitations often exceed the weight and size regulations for first-class postage. 

New USPS King and Queen of Hearts Love Stamps
(Top image from USPS.com, bottom image from Caffe Greco Design)

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  1. Too bad these aren’t in wedding-standard 61-cent postage……

  2. ok, just loving the love stamps!!! xo the wedding chicks

  3. Those would have been so PERFECT (i mean so PERFECT) for my wedding invites. The colors, the theme…alas. I’ll have to pick up a stack for my one year later “Thank you for sharing our day” cards I plan to send on our anniversary.

  4. Those are fun! I love them! Such a great alternative to the hearts that have been around for a bit.

  5. Very nice…are these first class or do they have a postcard rate available?

  6. Cat and Wedding Stamps- As far as I know they only come in First Class Postage, but I agree it would be nice if they had 61 cent and postcard values as well. I’d say check with your local post office to be sure. Thanks for all your comments!

  7. I got those!! And can you believe it? The lady at the counter was trying to talk me out of them and into getting ones with 2 gold bands (*gag*) bc "it’s your WEDDING".. to which I replied "it’s MY wedding" (ok I said that more to my fiancé than her bc he was agreeing!) But then at least it did come down to what made me happy (and not complain lol) : D

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