New Ketubah Designs for Modern Couples

February 18, 2008 | editorial team

Graphic designer and artist Tsilli Pines recently launched a new business called New Ketubah, creating gorgeous customized versions of the Jewish wedding document for the stylish and modern couple. She wrote Junebug to tell us all about them, and we became instant fans! She told us, “There is a long history of the ketubah being interpreted as an illuminated manuscript, but there aren’t many takes on the form from the perspective of modern design. I’m trying to reach design-minded folks who have a hard time finding something that fits with their style but want to include this tradition in their wedding.” Her designs are archival prints with lovely hand sewn details, and the text can be personalized in all kinds of different ways. Beautiful. Thanks Tsilli!

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  1. I saw these recently, and they are so stunning! I wish I had one :)

  2. So beautiful and sweet!

  3. oh my goodness, this is gorgeous! i like!!!

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