Moleskin Honeymoon Travel Albums

September 2, 2009 | editorial team

After your wedding, when you’re back from your honeymoon, blissed out and reliving all those moments from your travels, what are you going to do with your photos, stories and mementos? Take a look at this! Good Stock Press and Bindery (makers of the darling wedding accordion albums we’ve written about before) are now making custom moleskin travel albums, complete with the black moleskin cover, graph paper pages, thin ribbon page marker and elastic strap to hold it all together. Just like the ones I’m guessing so many of us have carried in our book bags and purses for years. I adore my collection of well loved and worn in moleskin journals and calendars, and can hardly think of a cooler way to display memories from a special travel adventure like a honeymoon. Check out Good Stock’s website and blog for more information!

Custom made moleskin wedding, honeymoon and travel albums from Good Stock Press and Bindery

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  1. Moleskin is a great finish.

  2. I love my Moleskin notebooks. This is very cool.

  3. Love this!!

  4. Oh my, what a great idea!!

  5. I LOVE this book … so gorgeous! … Inspires a great DIY album, too …

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