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November 7, 2007 | editorial team

From Groombug, November 2007. 

Make the Most of your Maui Honeymoon! Seventh Wave Photographics

Kelly and Shane of Edmonds, Washington are the grand-prize winners in our Who Do You Love contest! The lucky couple will soon be flying non-stop to Maui, Hawaii, undisputedly one of most luscious and lovely places on earth. We want their vacation, and yours, to be everything paradise is supposed to be, so were giving you the lowdown on the best that Maui has to offer. Follow these tips, and youll have a Maui honeymoon thats hot in every way.
Settle down on the Wailea Coast: Every inch of Maui is gorgeous, but in our opinion, theres no place more inviting than the coast of Wailea. Heres where youll find the poshest hotels and spas, the coziest condominiums, and the sexiest places to eat, drink, and show off your tan. Make yourself at home at one of the world-class properties situated along the Wailea Beach walkway, and youll want for nothing. Here are our favorite ultra-romantic places to call home.
The Condos on Elua Beach  Private and perfect beachfront getaways on the northern end of Wailea. Choose from a wide array of condos and book your favorite one directly with the owner.
The Four Seasons Resort  This world-class property is glamourous and refined, conjuring up visions of Hollywood in the forties.
Grand Wailea ResortThe Grand Wailea Resort and Spa  Truly one of the most gorgeous hotels in the world, full of stunning Hawaiian art and dramatic water features. The Grand Wailea offers the ultimate spa experience and six to die for restaurants. Note: Even if you dont stay here, you simply must see this hotel!
Soak Up the Sun: Well of course you will! The island of Maui has about a zillion gorgeous beaches to relax on, but alas, you may have a chance to visit only a few. Here are the ones we suggest you dont miss.
Wailea / Ulua  Lucky you! If youre staying at any of the properties along the Wailea beach walkway, these two gorgeous beaches will be right outside your door. Swim, kiss, and rub coconut-scented sunscreen on each other backs while the sun beats down upon you. Then, when night falls, stroll hand in hand along the tiki torch lit promenade and watch the lighted waves wash up on the shore.
Little Beach – Just a short hike up over the hill from ever-popular Makena Beach, lies Little Beach, a haven of natural beauty for the uninhibited. Clothing here is optional, but we think theres nothing more delicious then splashing in the waves au naturel. Remember boys, keep your eyes on your prize.Blair deLaubenfels
Hookipa Beach This wildly beautiful beach located on the northern most end of the Hana Highway is without a doubt one of the foremost windsurfing beaches in the world. During the winter, swells can rise up to a spectacular 40 feet! If you are an expert windsurfer youll definitely want to take this ride, but if not, grab a picnic in nearby fun and artsy Paia, then kick back to watch this awesome spectacle from the beach.
Watch the world go by: No matter what time of year you visit Maui, chances are the weather will be perfect and there will be a ton of things you’ll want to do and see. We know youll want to check out the following fun activities:
Snorkeling – Rent equipment from a local shop or bring some with you, then dive right in to your own jumbo size aquarium. Buy some fish food and let yourself be surrounded by tropical fish in a rainbow of colors. When snorkeling in the Wailea area, check out Polo Beach, and Grand Wailea ResortUlua/Mokapu. When youre south of Wailea try Ahihi Keanue Reserve, and when up youre up north, visit Honolua Bay or the stunningly gorgeous beach at Kapalua.
Helicopter Tours to Hana and Haleakala Crater – Many visitors to Maui make the somewhat infamous trip down the highway to Hana in hopes of seeing the Seven Sacred Pools at Oheo Gulch, and the many beautiful waterfalls along the way. The highway is only 50 or so miles long, but its dangerous and slow going, and by the time you arrive you feel like youve been traveling for days. We suggest you hop on board a helicopter to see the sites of Hana, and the many other spectacular features of Maui in style. Youll get a birds eye view of Haleakala Crater on your way and youll see dozens of otherwise inaccessible waterfalls without breaking a sweat.
Whale watching – From December to the middle of April you can watch humpback whales migrating right off the beach anywhere on the Wailea Coast. Its a thrill, and with binoculars you can get an amazing view of their journey. Even so, we suggest you book a ride on a charter boat and get up close to these awesome animals for an experience youll never forget.
Blair deLaubenfelsWatch the Sun Go Down: Nightfall means delicious food, yummy tropical cocktails, and unobstructed views of the sunset from dozens of Mauis restaurants and bars. The most memorable are:
Spago at the Four Seasons – Wolfgang Pucks creative infusion of Hawaiian and Asian flavors. This super chic restaurant serves up panoramic sunset views on a five-star platter.
Nicks Fishmarket at the Fairmont – Dine outdoors under a canopy of sparkling lights and fragrant stephanotis. Nicks serves some of Mauis most delicious food and the service here is impeccable.
Humuhumunukunukuapua’a  We might not know how to say it, but we do know that we love it, and so will you. This elegant and exotic restaurant sits in the center of a blue lagoon teeming with tropical fish. Choose your own lobster or try the macadamia nut encrusted Mahi Mahi, but be forewarned; if you do, youll be spoiled for mainland fish.
Mamas Fish House  This perfect example of Hawaiian cuisine and hospitality has been a Maui romantic institution since the 1950s. Call for reservations several days in advance of your trip to Hookipa Beach, then settle in for a Mai Tai or three at this divinely located hot-spot and watch the sun slowly melt into the horizon.
Seventh Wave PhotographicsAnd celebrate being in love!  No matter how adventurous or athletic you are, dont book up all your time. Maui is a place to be savored right where you are. If all the two of you end up doing on your honeymoon is reveling in each other, were positive you wont be disappointed!

Photo credits: Special thanks to Rev. Bruce Wheeler of Seventh Wave Photographics, www.maui-angels.com, and the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa for supplying their beautiful photos of Maui.


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