Junebug’s NEW Men’s Wear Wedding Fashion Report! – Photographed by J. Garner Studios

June 4, 2012 | editorial team

Junebug's new Men's Wear for Weddings Fashion Report, photographed by J. Garner Studios

It’s an exciting day here at Junebug – we’re unveiling our newest Fashion Report: The Groom – six sharp looks for the modern man!

We’ve always been big supporters of grooms on our website – from the Groom 101 wedding planning tips and honeymoon destination ideas in our Groombug section to blog posts about gifts for groomsmen and amazing men’s portraiture on our blogs, we believe wedding planning is important to everyone, the guys included!

For this new Fashion Report we wanted to showcase a variety of dashing, timeless looks that any man would love, so we partnered with the experts at Nordstrom Weddings to come up with looks that range from classic tuxedo to modern hipster chic. The whole shoot was photographed by the amazingly talented team at J. Garner Studios, with makeup by Erin Skipley, and boutonnieres by Ravenna Bloom, Woodland Flowers and Garden Party Flowers. Take a peek at these sample photos here, jump over to our Fashion Report section to see the full feature, and read on to learn some great men’s wedding fashion advice from Nordstrom’s National Bridal Director, Andrea Wasserman!


Junebug's new Men's Wear for Weddings Fashion Report, photographed by J. Garner Studios

While working on putting together this new Fashion Report, I was lucky enough to get to chat with Nordstrom’s National Bridal Director, Andrea Wasserman, and get her advice on men’s wedding day fashion…

Christy: As Nordstrom’s National Bridal Director you must see wedding fashion from so many different perspectives – how do you recommend people approach choosing their wedding fashion differently (or similarly) than their everyday fashion?

Andrea: On your wedding day, you want to feel like a more special version of yourself – not like someone else! Consider pushing the boundaries of your everyday look a little bit. If you’re a suit-and-tie guy, try a bow tie. But going the other way and skipping a jacket altogether might be too much for you.


Christy: Let’s talk men’s wear; what do you think of as today’s classic, timeless wedding look for men? How about a more modern approach for a younger, more relaxed groom?

Andrea: If you’ve always envisioned a groom in a classic tux and your event is going to be formal, that’s still a great direction to go. But if you’re going for a different vibe, or don’t feel a tux is the right investment for you, I love a two-button trim fit suit with a shorter jacket and a narrow tie. Depending on the color palette for the day, a medium gray (even a subtle plaid) can be beautiful for a softer, less formal look.

Junebug's new Men's Wear for Weddings Fashion Report, photographed by J. Garner Studios

Christy: What are some basic fit and style tips for men’s wear that will help pull any look together?

Andrea: So much of looking and feeling great all day is about the fit. Don’t underestimate the importance of a fantastic tailor. And while miracles can be pulled off, don’t leave alterations until the last minute. To make it all easier, avoid buying any jacket that doesn’t fit well in the shoulders. And to make sure you end up with the right size, try the jacket size you think you are, and then try a size down. Mixing it up with a non-white shirt or a patterned tie will offer a less traditional look.


Christy: What are some easy ways for men to add personality to their wedding look?

Andrea: Try a pant cuff, and make it wide enough to count. Or pick out a quirky sock, and hem the pants a little shorter to show some ankle. If that’s too much for you, talk to your florist about a twist on the classic boutonnière or add a pocket square or tie pin.

Junebug's new Men's Wear for Weddings Fashion Report, photographed by J. Garner Studios

Christy: Are there men’s accessories you’re loving right now, that would be fun in a groom or groomsman’s wedding day look?

Andrea: I’m a fan of the pocket square! One that complements the bridesmaid dresses and bouquets, but doesn’t draw too much attention and isn’t completely matchy-matchy.


Christy: Any additional words of advice to a man looking for the perfect wedding attire?

Andrea: Work with a person and store who will help you put your whole look together and make sure you have every piece you need. The last thing you want is to buy the suit at one place, troll around the web for a bow tie and then carry it all around to find a coordinating shirt. The complimentary stylists in the Nordstrom Wedding Suite work with men as well as with women so they’ll put together head-toe-looks for the entire wedding party, make sure you have everything you need and coordinate on-site alterations.

Thank you so much Andrea!

Readers, check out our full Fashion Report, get more wedding planning tips for guys in our Groombug section, and be sure to visit NordstromWeddings.com to see all the wedding fashion options for you and your whole bridal party!

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