Junebug’s Giveaway Week- Wedding Gifts and Gratitude!

December 16, 2009 | editorial team

Day three of our wedding giveaway week has arrived, and today it’s all about Gratitude and Gifts! We’re talking about gift registries for you, gifts of thanks for your friends and family, and gratitude in general for finding the kind of love you want to share for the rest of your life! Woo-hoo! Our big winner for today will receive:

– A pair of beautiful champagne flutes from Monique Lhuillier’s home gifts collection

– A trio of colorful glassybaby hand blown glass votives

– A set of 50 personalized thank you notes from Papeterie

– And a $50 gift certificate from Gent Supply Company

To enter to win leave us a comment explaining what you find you’re most grateful for as you plan your wedding, and what kinds of gifts you’re thinking about giving to all those who are helping you along the way. We’ll choose a winner at the end of the day on Sunday, and announce the results on Monday, December 21st.

Monique Lhuillier wedding champagne flutes, wedding gifts and online wedding registry

Most of us know Monique Lhuillier for her stunning wedding dress designs, but she also has a line of china, glassware and home gifts that are to-die-for. With details reminiscent of delicate wedding fabric embellishments, these lovely pieces would make every day feel like a special occasion. The team at Monique Lhuillier is generously offering a pair of their champagne flutes so you can toast to each other on your wedding day, and again and again on any day! You can shop the home gifts collection online at MoniqueLhuililer.com, and you can even set up an online wedding registry there.


  glassybaby hand blown glass votives, wedding thank you gifts and online wedding registry

Glassybaby glass votives are major favorites of ours at Junebug. The color range to choose from is irresistible, and the warm glow they create once they’re lit it a joy to see. Take it from me, when shopping for glassybabys, it is so hard to stop at just one! These amazing home decor accessories make the perfect gifts for Moms, bridesmaids and helpful friends, and now glassybaby even offers a rental program for weddings in the Seattle area and an online gift registry for couples anywhere in the country. Check out their website to set up your wedding registry and choose from every color under the sun!


Personalized wedding thank you notes from Papeterie

Hand written thank you notes are a must for all those wedding presents you’re about to receive, and there is nothing quite as sweet as having personalized notes with your names on them together, side by side. Designer Kimberly Chiu and her team at Papeterie offer a wide variety of pretty thank you notes that come in flat or folded versions and can be customized with your newlywed names. See the full collection of designs on their website, as well as wedding invitations, favor tags, menus, save the dates, and more! 


Wedding gifts for your guys from Gent Supply Co.

Gent Supply Company is all about fun gifts and gadgets that any guy would love. Wacky cuff links for your groomsmen, tech gadgets for your Dad, and funky home decor items and kitchen tools to brighten up your soon-to-be-husband’s home. There’s a little something here for everyone, which makes shopping their site a whole lot of fun! Take a look through and see what you find for all the important men in your life and in your wedding!

Thank you to the businesses who are so generously sharing their products with all of us, and good luck to all who enter! Don’t forget to enter the giveaways from Monday and Tuesday, and to check in for more goodies on Thursday and Friday too!

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  1. I am an ‘older’ bride. I have 2 Matrons of Honor and my husband-to-be has asked his 2 brothers to be his Best Men. I gave my ladies handmade jewelry that I ordered from an artist on Etsy. I gave one a pair of ‘acorn’ earrings when I asked her to be my Matron of Honor and the other I gave a leaf lariat necklace. Both are symbolic of an autumn wedding. For the men, we gave them hand-painted ties, again ordered from Etsy, that have 3 simple autumn colored maple leaves at the bottom. We haven’t decided yet, what we will give them when we have our little rehearsal shindig (a BBQ in our backyard). But we are creative, and budget conscious, so it ought to be interesting!!

  2. What an amazing giveaway! It’s been a long engagement (2 years already!) and what I found most grateful are the people in our lives and of course my soon to be husband. I’ll be giving my best firends silver rings and robes in their favorite color, my mom and mother in law necklaces and earrings, my father and father in law cuff links, our best man shoes, and finally for my fiance, me!

  3. I am most grateful for the help of my mom who is acting as my wedding planner and doing a ton of stuff for me. I am also grateful to my 4 bridesmaids who are absolutely fabulous and would do anything to make my day perfect. I havent picked out presents for all of them yet but for my cousin I have splurged and bought her a boach purse because I know she will love it.

  4. I’m most grateful for my mother. I’m planning this wedding from halfway across the country, and she’s doing a lot of the work in our city for us. We couldn’t do this without her! I’m not sure what I can really do to say thanks, but I definitely plan on an awesome gift for my parents at the end of all this!

  5. I am most thankful to my fiance who has just been awesome with the wedding planning. He could probably care less about all the decor and other hullabaloo that goes into it but when he sees that I’m pulling my hair out he steps in and takes the task over until I get my head on straight again. I’m also soooo glad to have a detail-oriented mom and very supportive FMIL as well as an amazing wedding planner. Everyone will be getting flowers, for sure, and probably something shiny (like a watch) for the fiance. If I can swing it I’d like to treat the ladies to a spa day as well.

  6. I am so thankful for my amazing fiance. Even though he is living across the country, he continues to offer his help and support to me as I plan one of the most important days of our life. I am also grateful for my mother and mother-in-law-to-be as they have been so helpful in every aspect of the wedding and the both inspire me to be a loving wife. I am planning on donating money to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the names of all my helpers to thank them for all their hard work. I will also be buying the girls necklaces and the guys cuff links, both of which my fiance and I designed.

  7. I am most grateful for my family and friends. I live in RI and an getting married in AL. I never expected the kind of generosity everyone has offered up to me: from throwing us an amazing engagement party, to offering their houses to out of town guests that they have never even met. I want to repay everyone with gifts, but there are too many to repay! I hope to repay them all in a small way by making my wedding as fun and stress free as possible.

  8. I love the votives! I’m so thankful for my family’s sanity during this process. I’m up at 1:00 am emailing everyone “what do you think of this song!? Can we get Aunt Beth to sing it at the ceremony!?!” So far no one has called me a bridezilla, and their patience and hard work means so much.

  9. I’m most grateful for my fiance. Through all the stress, he keeps me sane and makes me want to skip all of the planning and just marry him today. I’m planning to girl my girls pashminas to wear with their dresses, since we’ll be married in October. No idea for the guys, which is why the gift card is perfect!

  10. I’m finding that I’m most grateful for the unique family I have. It’s been a long struggle with my parents for several years, but I feel very lucky and blessed to have extended family that continues to support and encourage me from all over the country. It’s exactly why my cousin is my one bridesmaid and my 6 nieces will all be flower girls! When one area of my life that “should” be a certain way just isn’t, I’m thankful to be able to see the blessings abound somewhere else.

  11. Im most grateful for my sense of self. I know a lot of brides can get stressed out by family, and argue with their fiances, or feel lost in the sea of options. I feel very confident in myself and who I am and what makes me me. Therefore, my fiance and I dont argue at all about plans b/c they come naturally. I dont feel stressed about planning because I know it will all come together and it will reflect who we are. And my family – there are always other opinions, but I never lose sight of what’s important. Family.

  12. i am so grateful for friends and family that are so excited for us and willing to do anything to help us get ready! and i am so grateful for a fiance that actually enjoys doing some of the planning for me! i plan on getting everyone that helps us along the way a gift that they would love…so no ones will be the same!

  13. I am a Type A -Zilla of everything by nature, but my circle of family and friends help keep me in check, which has been most valuable while planning. I have been attentive during this process and will be getting each a present of something they know they need but won’t spend the money on. A gift that when you open it has the opener saying “it’s just what I didn’t realize I needed.”

  14. I am thankful to my family of course, but I am also very thankful for my mother in law to be. At times she can be a little stressful and her opinions can dominate the room. So far through our planning process she has been totally laid back and very helpful. I am planning the wedding in my parent’s home town, but I am currently in my finace’s family home town. She been helping me look up different vendors and taking on different responsibilites which are very appreciated!

  15. I am most grateful for all of the love and support my fiance and I have received from our families and friends. I am especially grateful to my parents; without them we would not be having much of a wedding at all. My fiance and I are both very poor grad students with lots of student loan debt and could not afford anything other than a trip to city hall without my mom and dad. Although the most important thing is for us to be married and to be together, I can’t tell you how grateful we are to be having a wedding where we will be surrounded by our family and friends. It is such a lovely gift to be able to share this day with them, and for that I cannot thank my parents enough. We cannot give them much in the way of gifts because we do not have much money, but I plan on sending a bouquet of flowers to them as a surprise the Monday after the wedding with a handwritten note from my fiance and I, trying to let them know how much they mean to us and how thankful we are. I am also sending one to my fiance’s parents because they have also been wonderful and we want to let them know how much we appreciate them.

  16. As I plan my wedding, I am the most grateful for the support and love of my family, from my new family, and especially from the love of my life. I couldnt have asked for a better family to marry into and I am so grateful that my fiance fits so nicely into my family. It really does make the planning process easier when everyone is so supportive and excited!! I really like personalized gifts – so thats what I am thinking for my bridesmaids. Either necklaces, bracelets, totes, make-up bags, or perhaps them all! I want them to know that I took time and thought hard about getting them something I know they will like. I am also buying all the girls dresses, as just another way of saying thank you for everything!

  17. as i plan my wedding im most grateful for the element of suprise. both my fiances and my family have been waiting for this day to happen ,and to give them that gift to finally of becoming one family is amazing. our families do not know when we are getting married as we are planning a surprise birthday/wedding. the ones that are helping us out is my brother in law and my sister. not sure what to give them yet,but i know it will be something personal that they will forever remember.

  18. I am very grateful for my fiance during this process, I know that seems like a typical answer, but more and more I am realizing why I agreed to marry this man. I am very much a DIY Bride and while other people have tried to talk me out of doing flowers, cakes, food, decorations, etc.. my fiance has been there the whole time supporting my crafty self, and asking how he can help me do-it-ourselves. Its wonderful to have him making decisions and planning this wedding with me, it is truely going to be “our” day not just the bride’s day. We are thanking our attendants, who are all females actually, by gifts of jewelry and pashminas. The pashminas are purely for necessity to keep warm at the wedding, but the jewelry is a different story. The fiance and I went on a cruise a couple months ago with my parents and grandparents, and while in St. Thomas we found these really cool earrings and matching bracelets. They were handmade from coconut shells on the island and not only are they beautiful but I love that our attendants will have a little piece of our vacation they can always wear. Plus, by buying handmade island jewelry, we were excited about helping the local economy on the island and that makes it the gift that keeps on giving. As for our parents we are giving them digital photoframes, preloaded with photos of us from when we were little up until the wedding day. I know my mom is upset about having her last child married off making it official that it is just her and my dad now. I wanted something that they could watch and know that as a family we had years of love and fun together, and just because I am getting married doesn’t mean I am not their daughter anymore.

  19. I am most grateful that I will able to share my walk down the aisle with my fabulous step-dad who has taken care of my disabled mom graciously and lovingly for the last ten years, and with my grandfather who raised me as his own daughter. I am grateful that upon hearing this that my mother and grandmother both cried and that I have the love and support of amazing people. I am also grateful for my grandparent’s love and support of me, and will be thanking them in particular by sharing my wedding day with their 45th anniversary and by spotlighting that with a special cake cutting ceremony during my own reception!

  20. I am most grateful for the man I am to marry. He’s been incredibly supportive, understanding and patient throughout the process. He knows that the small details are important to me and even though he doesn’t really care, he still helps to make sure I am happy. I’m thankful for my maid of honor – who has been a constant support system for me. When I had issues with another bridesmaid, she was there to talk me through it and help me deal with it. She’s always there to give me encouragement and guidance and I couldn’t do this without her.

  21. I am thankful for my fiancee, first and foremost, but also for the loving support of both of our families. In my Greek heritage, weddings are so important because they bring families together. I am buying all the males involved engraved cuff links and my mom is getting some John Hardy jewelry.

  22. I am incredibly thankful to have a fiance who shows an interest in our wedding and is so sweet to listen to me talk about my ideas and inspirations (even though I know it’s not very interesting for him!). We’re paying for our bridesmaids’ dresses and a portion of the groomsmen’s suits. We have a relatively young bridal party, so we’re really thankful that we can bless them that way and allow them to be part of our special day without the financial stress of being involved.

  23. I am most grateful for the love, support and assistance from my fiance, no matter how tedious and tiring some of the tasks are. I am also grateful for the help and spot checks from my wedding planner regarding my budget! :) I have been keeping my eye out for gifts for my wedding party and have plenty of bookmarks, just trying to choose which ones to do is the hard part.

  24. I am grateful for my awesome family, friends and fiance – the best people around. I hope I can find gifts for all of them that reflect just how much they mean to me!

  25. so much to be grateful for! in planning my wedding, i’m so grateful for my wonderful, supportive, talented friends. everywhere i turn, if something needs to be done, there is someone offering their amazing assistance. as a second-time bride, and mom of four, i’m most grateful for second chances. to meet an incredible man who loves me, loves my kids, and really completes our family in the best possible way, is the greatest gift i could have in my life. i’m truly blessed.

  26. I am thankful for my amazing fiancee, my awesome parents, grandma, in laws, brothers, and priest who is the same one who married my parents. He has made the conversion of religions so easy and painless. I am getting my bridesmaids pearl necklaces and my groomsmen individualized based on their interests. Some are getting sports memorabilia, others are getting alcohol related gifts, all of them are getting engraved money clips.

  27. I’m thankful for my married friends who have so much advice and so many good vendors to use, my mom’s enthusiasm, and my fiance’s love and support.

  28. We’ve been engaged since January and are getting married in August 2010. I am thankful for being surrounded by supportive family members and friends who have made the process so much fun. To me, the most exciting thing about getting married is having a day where all our families will be in one place and I can’t wait. My mom has seven first cousins and they all have not been in the same place in over forty years. Not to mention, despite the loss of our grandparents, we will be using our grandparent’s wedding rings during our ceremony, both couples of which were married over 50 years. I’m thankful for being raised by such great parents because it only in getting married that I am able to realize the values they gave me and how I am completely proud to be their daughter. For a gift, we are going to get our parents a wall hanging with an illustration by MIckie Caspi that says, “Just as my parents and grandparents planted trees for me, I am planting trees for my children and grandchildren so that they will be able to eat the fruit of these trees.”

  29. I am so thankful for my huge family. Each one of them contribute in their own way and I could not do this without them! I’d love to find personalized presents to give each of them- a laptop bag for my sis that did my invite design, a massage for my mom who is so reassuring, etc etc

  30. Awesome giveaway – I love glassybaby! I’m the most thankful for my fiance – we are long distance and can’t wait to start our lives together in the same city! l’m also thankful to be surrounded by amazing friends and family – best people ever! Still trying to figure out a personal and special gift for all of these great people!

  31. I’m thanksful for my fiance that actually has an interest in our wedding. I know too many brides whose fiances just wanted to show up on the day of. My wonderful guy has had input on everything and lvoes when I come to him with new ideas. I’m a lucky, lucky gal!

  32. i’m so thankful for PERSPECTIVE… and remembering that this ONE day is one day out of a lifetime that i’ll be sharing with bryan~ so to keep that perspective all the time.

  33. I’m most thankful for my family, who has been super supportive of this engagement process so far. Rather than a traditional gift, per se, I’m purchasing their wedding day attire for them.

  34. As i plan my wedding I am most grateful for my fiance.He could careless about a wedding but since I would like a wedding he wants to do whatever makes me happy.We both have been married previously.I never had a wedding so this is very exciting for me but at the same time very stressful since i haven’t worked in over a year and i have 4 kids.My fiance is the only one working at the present time and along with scraping paying bills he is also trying to help me achieve a descent wedding.He is so loving,laid back,great father and extremely helpful with the first kid i gave to him 7 months ago.You rarely see him stress over anything.He is my backbone and my support and stands by me in everything i do.I’m on a diet for the first time in my life and he really helps me out with this struggle lol.When i get some extra money i would love to get the women of my bridal party some beautiful jewelry and for the men i adore all the different cufflinks i see on etsy.

  35. I’m grateful for my amazing fiance, who is truly the love of my life, and the support of my parents, relatives and friends.

  36. I’m so grateful for my fiance’s help during this process. He’s involved in all of the big decisions and actually gives me input on all aspects of our planning. And without him, we wouldn’t even be involved in this wedding planning :) As for gifts, still working on them for everyone, but the bridesmaids gifts will include a book I’m making for them with pictures/ special moments of our friendship, a gift card for manis/ pedis on the Friday before, and maybe some personalized stationery or a clutch of some kind. They’ve been so generous to me that I don’t feel like that is enough! Groomsmen- that’s still a work in progress!

  37. I’m grateful that I get to spend the rest of my life with the man I love.

  38. I’m so grateful for my thoughtful, involved husband-to-be and our supportive families and that we have the means to have a wedding that’s just perfect for us. As far as gifts go, the ladies will definitely be getting spa gift certificates that they can use when and on what they wish and the guys are still a bit of a mystery. Maybe they’d like the spa gift certificates too!

  39. I’m incredibly grateful for my FH, not only has he been doing a lot for the wedding planning, he’s also comforted me through a few (many) meltdowns I’ve had during the process. He’s still not sure what he’d like to do for the groomsmen gifts, and his mother. For my mother we’ll be getting a sapphire ring similar to one her father gave her when she was my age that was stolen some years later. My five wonderful bridesmaids will be receiving Irish claddagh rings, similar to my own, to represent the love and friendship we share. (& it’s a surprise so I hope they don’t see this!)

  40. I am most thankful for my mom…I know I want to give her a wedding album but I’m trying to also plan a trip for the two of us to take afterwards to show my appreciation for all she’s done for this wedding!

  41. Without question, I’m most grateful for my fiance. We’re getting married in October and from the start he has been right by my side in the planning process. He has been to *every single vendor meeting* — whether we’re interviewing a florist or checking out a venue — and has never once complained about being bored or not wanting to tag along. His enthusiasm and support has only enforced my feelings for him, and I’m reminded daily of why I fell in love with him in the first place. As for gifts for friends and family, we have decided to pay for our attendants outfits and family member’s tux rentals. In the spirit of gratitude (and knowing from personal experience how expensive it can be to stand up in a wedding), we wanted to say thank you to our dearest friends for being a part of our special day by allowing them to be a part of it without emptying their pocketbook. Money is tight for all and we have made it our priority to ensure the comfort of our friends and family during this special time in our lives.

  42. I’m ever so greatful for my family and wedding party for helping with the little details of our wedding….and of course to my parents for the financial assistance. I’m going to give my parents Southwest gift certificates so they can travel more often and and giving a Summer themed gift to my bridesmaids, full of beach towels, flip flops and of course, gift certificates to their favorite spas!

  43. I am extraordinary grateful for my mother-in-law-to-be. She has loved me from day one and I has gone above and beyond her MIL duties. I have not started thinking about what gift to get her to show my appreciation (thanks for the reminder!) but it will be very special and certainly perfect for her.

  44. i have been most grateful for my mom and my maids. they are constantly there, whether to choose the perfect dress, throw in their two cents on the cake flavors, or to lend a sound ear. my fiance, too, has been wonderful throughout the process… patient, helpful, and genuinely there for me. for my girls, i plan to put together handmade bags full of lots of goodies- from classic pearl earrings to unique etsy finds. and for my groom? i am still on the hunt. but whatever it is, it must be perfect.

  45. At this point I’m most thankful for my future mother in law. Throughout the wedding planning process my fiance and I have been able to find support and advice from his parents. His mother in particular has been amazing. We’ve grown closer by discussing details of the wedding. I know that I’ll have a great relationship with her throughout our lives. But I’m most grateful for when she insisted on paying for parts of the wedding when an unexpected event came up in my father’s life. My fiance and I were discussing scaling things back or putting the day on hold. The way she tactfully stepped up made me realize how much I have to learn from her. Our gift of appreciation will likely be a gift to a charity she works closely with. It’s small in comparison to what she’s done for us.

  46. I am most thankful for my big sister. I was a member of her wedding party when I was only 19 and learned a lot from the experience. Now that I am planning a wedding of my own, she has gone out of her way to be thoughtful, patient, eager, and most importantly, available. And I didn’t even have to ask.

  47. I am most grateful to everyone around me who is and will be going through the planning process with me. To my fiance, whom I am grateful for his patience and open mind as I continue to change my mind at every new idea, I plan on giving him the honeymoon of his dreams; a trip to London to visit “Platform 9 3/4” since he loves all things HP related. To my mother, whom called me the other day to exclaim (6 months later), “Omigosh! You’re getting married! Where is the girl in the pigtails?” and to which I replied, “She’s still here and she’s still wearing pigtails,” we will be giving her a handrawn picture of her two kids to remember us always with pigtails and skinned knees. To my mother-in-law and her partner, who embraced me with open arms from day one and know how much I love their son but couldn’t fathom how happy he makes me, we will be giving them a cruise trip to thank them and also to celebrate 20 years together. And last but not least… To my girls, who, in one case, have flown thousands of miles just to cry to them when my father died, have squealed with me when I told them “he” proposed, and who never let me forget who my friends really are, I will be giving them hand-drawn artwork that reflects each of them and what they mean to me. Thank you for the opportunity to share these wonderful people.

  48. I am most grateful for my relationship with my fiance. He is really one of the most amazing people and he really is my best friend. Wedding planning is fun and more enjoyable because he’s my best friend. We’re both excited and giggly about it and that make’s it amazing! As for gifts, we decided not to exchange anything because we’re trying to keep the cost as low as possible. Plus, the wedding in itself is a gift to each of us. I am trying to find something creative to give my bridesmaids as a gift. So far, I’ve come up with vintage hankerchiefs that are really gorgeous made of a beautiful fabric or these adorable cupcake canisters I found online (this would be cute because it would tie into our dessert reception!)

  49. thanks for the great giveaways! I’m so excited! While planning my wedding I am so grateful that I am surrounded by love – my fiance, my parents and his parents, our extended families, our friends – everyone is as excited about our wedding as we are! I can’t wait to be married to him – 5 more months!!!

  50. I am most thankful for the support of my co-workers. We have been engaged since I was hired… in May 2007! They are always asking how the planning is going, and are excited for me. Since I can’t gift them all, I also know I will be inviting them all – something that I know doesn’t happen in every company. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such caring people!

  51. i am most grateful for my maid of honor who has kept me sane through the whole process. For gifts I am giving everyone a little something that i know they personally will love

  52. I’m most grateful for Jesus. I believe that He brought me and my fiance together, and that He has an amazing plan for us that goes well beyond our wedding date. My fiance is such a blessing in my life, and I’m so thankful for new beginnings! I’m also thankful for our community…and while we don’t have a huge budget, we’re planning to have a big celebration so that we can invite as many people as possible.

  53. I am most grateful that people are coming all the way to South Africa for my wedding! I haven’t decided what to get everyone, but I want to make it a token to remember us and the gorgous place we will be married at.

  54. Aside from my fiance (that’s a given!), I am grateful for our supportive families. I can’t imagine going through the wedding planning process without them there every step of the way. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to fully express my gratitude to them, but I will start by taking photos with my fiance, each family member and myself over these next 8 months (before the wedding), which I will then frame and present to each person.

  55. I am so greatful to all my friends and family who have stepped up and offered to help in anyway. I am excited that they are excited and I enjoy sharing details and ideas with them! I have been keeping notes of things I would like to treat those people around me with. I know I want to start with a resusable canvas bag that I am going to hand print with something special. I’m not sure what I’m going to fill it with yet, but I can only imagine the looks on all their faces when they see all the thought, time and love put into those gifts.

  56. As I plan this wedding, I am most grateful to my fiance. I never wanted a big, elaborate wedding, but his family did and so we will have a large, fancy wedding. But through it all, he keeps trying to help me find ways to make this wedding ours, not just our families’.

  57. Ooops, I forgot to include what I will be getting the people who have been helping me. For my fiance, I have gotten him a signed football helmet from his favorite team. My bridesmaids gave me carte blanche when it came to their attire, so as a thank you I will be purchasing their dresses for them. My future mother-in-law will be getting jewelry, as will my mother (most likely). My father is still a mystery – I don’t know how to possibly express in a gift how much it means to me to have him walk me down the aisle.

  58. I’ve had a little bit of a tough time with some of the people in my life over our wedding. Although most of my loved ones are supportive and wondeful, wedding planning has really been a time when my fiance and I had to re-evaluate some of our friendships. There has been drama, but in the end I am really grateful because my best friendships have been re-affirmed. Right now, I’m looking for gifts for my bridesmaids. One of them is a jewelry-lover, so she will be easy to shop for, but I am really going to have to think about what the other will want.

  59. I am incredibly grateful for my family and close friends. We are so lucky to have such supportive people around us and to be able to share these special moments. My mom gave me her old wedding ring to have as my engagement ring, my grandmother is making my dress, and so many other close friends and family are chipping in to make the event special and very personalized. I’m planning on giving my mom a necklace that is perfect for her style to replace her ring. For my bridesmaids, mothers, grandmother and close family I am making clutch purses that coordinate with our wedding style as well as giving them matching scarves & shawls. I am making a memory box out of wood, with photos and other keepsakes for my dad, who is still adjusting to the fact that his little girl is no longer in 3rd grade. I am grateful for my brother who has stuck with me through difficult times, and he is going to be my Man of Honor. Mostly, I’m grateful for my fiance. He’s the most thoughtful and caring person I know and I can’t wait to grow old with him and spend a lifetime giving back to him.

  60. I keep reminding myself and am very grateful that the wedding is all about my Fiance and wanting to spend the rest of my life with him, and that nothing else should really matter (the gifts, the dress, etc)…but it is fun to plan. As for what gifts we are planning on getting people: bridesmaids – emerald necklaces, groomsmen – engraved flasks, parents are yet to be determined…but reading the responses, a spa certificate is a good idea for our mothers.

  61. I am most grateful for our family and friends. Without them our wedding wouldn’t be coming together the way it has. Everyone has pitched in and found a way to contribute to the day itself. It is a true testament of the support we will have throughout our marriage.

  62. I am just grateful for the little things…that today are really big things…like having a job, having a soon-to-be spouse, friends, family and blessings. For my family, I plan to give them custom photo books of my and my fiance’s engagement photos with a personally engraved message of gratitude.

  63. I am so thankful for the outpouring of support I’ve seen so far. Everyone has been offering to help me with all of the details. My mother has been on the search for vases and jars, my bridesmaids have skipped work to go to the Running of the Brides, they’ve been willing to get in touch with people they know who are potential vendors, and have offered to help with DIY projects. I truly appreciate all they have done. To repay them I hope to get them all something useful, but also have in mind to craft them something sentimental that they will keep with them for always, to remember our journey through friendship together.

  64. I’m most grateful to my fiance for being supportive and enthusiastic for me. We’re blessed to have wonderful family and friends, but he is undeniably my rock in this whole process. Amidst venues threatening bankruptcy and contract deadlines, he’s remained calm and always reminds me that no matter what, it’ll be the most magical day ever. For my girls, I haven’t decided! Maybe these glassybabies! I want to pay for their dresses and hair/makeup, along with letterpressed personalized notecards, specially-made perfumes personalized to their scent, and my everlasting love!

  65. I am so grateful to my mom during this whole process. She is a very crafty lady and any craft idea that I have had she has found a way to make it happen! From creating a personal stamp for us to helping me make my DIY my invites, escort cards, programs and so much more. She is kitting me a balero, a garter and making my veil. Oh and a wedding guest book quilt! She is my perfect partner in all things wedding inspiration. She comes up with half the ideas and never complains about our long to do list. She is just wonderful and I am very much in her debt. I have yet to come up with a gift idea for her that will even come close to matching how great she has been through out this entire process. My bridesmaids have been great as well and I am giving them each a Willow Tree figurine as well as something personal that they will each love. For the guys I am getting them each something unique and geeky because we are all one big family of goofs. I know that I am gushing but thinking about how much work my mom, future hubby and all of our friends are doing to celebrate our love makes me all the more grateful to have them in my life. Thanks for the giveaway and for the chance to reflect.

  66. I think i would love to have my mom be pampered the day of the wedding. She deserves it. She has not made a stink about anything during the process. We are very lucky.

  67. As my fiance and I plan this wedding on a very limited budget, we discovered just how blessed we are to have friends and family helping us along the way. They might not understand everything we do or want for our wedding, but they have given us support in many ways–whether fiancially or emotionally. I think that’s what’s really kept us sane and has allowed us to stay grounded and focused on what our wedding is really all about. In the end, we’ll have the wedding that reflects us and the people close to us will have had a huge part in it. We couldn’t ask for anything more! While we don’t have a whole lot of money for gifts, we decided we would try to find gifts that are meaningful. For the ladies, I thought of giving them Hawaiian handcrafted jewelry from etsy. In each jewelry box, there will be a hand-written note of appreciation from me. My fiance hasn’t decided what he wants to give to his groomsmen yet, but has thought of giving them sporting/hunting knives–it’s a guy thing! For the parents – we’re not sure what to give the parents, but we thought of giving them nice custom portraits of us and each set of parents on our wedding day. It’s something they’ll appreciate and remember the day by.

  68. I am most grateful for my fiance during the planning!!! He has been surprisingly hands-on – and decisive when I can’t be! He’s been such a great help throughout all of this…he keeps us both grounded when it starts to become a bigger production than is necessary. The meaning of the day is the most important to him, which means the world to me. For his help, I’m going to get him the most awesome watch he’s ever seen. For other family & friends that are helping – I’m thinking about monogrammed sets of kitchen towels! Handy and practical, yet personalized!!

  69. I am so gratefull for my family friends and fiancee in this hard economic time everyone is helping out with our budget wedding! My fiancees parents are losing their house to help pay for our wedding because my parents cant afford to help much after being laid off work. I am a sruggling student and starving artist and my fiancee a struggling musician, so we are soliciting our friends help in the local artist community for any service they may donate to our wedding. I plan on thanking my bridesmaides with handmade peacok feather earings and the grooms men with guitar picks with our intials on them. We will of course donate our own skills, me as a photographer and my fiancee as a musician to any of our friends of families weddings and events as well in gratitude!

  70. As I plan my wedding, I have truly come to realize that the most important thing is support from your friends and family. I am so grateful for all the love and I want to make sure that the gift I give back is from the heart. I want to make all my bridesmaid’s gifts and personalize each item with love. I am planning to make clutches and necklaces for each of them. I hope they turn out well!

  71. I am so very thankful & grateful for my fiance’s family. They have accepted me and they include me in every part of their lives. They let me know all the time how thankful they are that I am a part of his life & theirs. They are truly a godsend. They want to help in any way that they can with the planning of the wedding. I plan on giving my bridesmaids a robe with their name on it , a tote bag so that they will have something to carry their personal items in & some jewelry to match the wedding colors. For my mom and his mom, I plan on purchasing a nice piece of jewelry. For the Groomsmen, we will be getting them a pocket knife with their initials. We are so very excited and grateful for each other!!

  72. I am grateful that so far we have been able to use friends as vendors. It has felt more like people who really want to spend the day with us, instead of hiring people. I have presents for the girls, but I am still trying to find presents for the guys and our parents. They are harder to buy for.

  73. First – those flutes would go perfectly with my Monique Lhuillier dress! I am thankful of the support from my girlfriends always but specifically when I told that I want to incorporate some DYI ideas and they happily offered to help on the details! That’s true friendship and because of their generosity, I am going to find gifts that will be unique and capture some point of time in our friendship – so far I’ve found etsy to be a useful site in sourcing these gifts.

  74. This wedding has been really hard because of family issues, but I am very thankful for my fiance who has proven time and again what a wonderful man he is. My friends have also stepped up and are assisting us with everything including being a shoulder to cry on when necessary. I’m having a really hard time finding gifts that reflect my taste and the tastes of my bridesmaids. I’ll keep thinking though. Sooner or later something perfect will come to mind hopefully.

  75. I’m grateful for supportive family and friends! I have so many friends who are so excited to lend their talents and help out! We want everyone to feel that they’re an important key to our celebration…and our love & life together. Not sure yet of gifts…still pondering & perusing blogs for ideas!

  76. Some of the things I’m already most thankful for are the unexpected heirlooms that are handed down. My great aunt gave me her FULL set of antique silver, and my grandmother her china. I’m so so thankful that I am the one they chose to entrust their treasures with and someday I’ll be able to pass them down to my children. I’m in the beginning stages of my planning, but I have the most amazing and supportive group of family and friends who are helping me along the way. I’m looking forward to dreaming up creative ways to thank them for making our day so special. I’ve always loved gifts you can plant. They signify growth, life and new beginnings. I also thought about giving glassy baby’s as gifts years ago. I love their amazing colors!

  77. Love the glassybabies! I am most thankful for a wonderful and supporitve family!

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