Junebug Weddings’ Best of the Best 2010!

January 3, 2011 | editorial team

Happy New Year! Today is one of our very favorite days of the year because today is the day we launch our 2010 Best of the Best our image gallery of the best wedding photos of 2010! Thats right, its live right now in our Fashion Report section, and this years collection is simply to die for. We just cant wait to share it with you!

Best wedding photo of 2010 - Vinicius Matos
winning wedding photo by Vinicius Matos

To say that the quantity and quality of submissions we received this year from wedding photographers all around the world was amazing would be an understatement, and narrowing it down from thousands to just 50 was no easy task. We were inspired, astounded and humbled by the images created, and were so grateful to all of the talented photographers who shared their work with us. It’s photos like these that reinforce our love for the art of wedding photography, and for all of those who work tirelessly day after day to create it. Bravo to all of you wedding photographers out there!

Check out a few of the phenomenal images above and below that made it to our final gallery. Then, click over to see the full 2010 Best of the Best photo collection in our Fashion Report section. We hope youll be delighted by what youll find and that youll follow us on our Photobug blog and use our stunning Image Gallery to find beauty and inspiration every day of the year.

Best wedding photo of 2010 - Jeff and Lisa Photography
winning wedding photo by Jeff and Lisa Photography


Best wedding photo of 2010 - Erin Hearts Court
winning wedding photo by Erin Hearts Court


Best wedding photo of 2010 - Ira Lippke
winning wedding photo by Ira Lippke Studios


Best wedding photo of 2010 - John and Joseph Photography
winning wedding photo by John and Joseph Photography


Best wedding photo of 2010 - Davina and Daniel
winning wedding photo by Davina + Daniel


Best wedding photo of 2010 - Ash Imagery
winning wedding photo by Ash Imagery


Best wedding photo of 2010 - Yvonne Wong Photography
winning wedding photo by Yvonne Wong Photography

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