It’s Party Time!

March 8, 2010 | editorial team

travel image by Chris Everard via Sarah Kaye Represents
(Image by Chris Everard via Sarah Kaye Represents)

Happy Monday everyone! The Junebug crew and I are off in Vegas this week for the annual WPPI convention (All photography, all the time. A conference after our own hearts!) We’re learning new things, meeting incredible photographers, catching up with friends and Junebug members, speaking on how to get published online, and yes, partying ourselves silly. In honor of all that, today I’ll leave you with these fun past blog posts all about parties, and tomorrow we’ll be back with some exciting news about what’s coming next at Junebug, plus some Vegas wedding themed blogging fun! Enjoy!

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  1. This post just made me excited for another post. Enjoy Vegas you guys. I’m sure that everyone will learn a lot from the Convention.

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