It’s Never Been Easier to Match Your Wedding Ties to Your Bridesmaids Dresses

June 13, 2018 | nicole

Choosing your wedding colors can be a difficult task, but carrying out your color palette throughout your wedding shouldn’t have to be! When it comes time to pick ties for your groom and groomsmen, Origin Ties makes it easier than ever to match your wedding ties to your bridesmaids dresses. The team at Origin Ties has created a handy color-picker tool to help you find the best shade to complement your ‘maids and even carries ties that are an exact color match to the most popular bridesmaid dress brands and colors. Oh, and did we mention that each premium silk tie is only $25?

Need some inspiration for matching wedding ties and bridesmaids dresses? Check out these pretty pairings!

photo by Ten21 Photography

Eleanor Dobbins Photography

photo by Vitae Weddings

photo by Emily Delamater Photography

photo by Emily Delamater Photography

photo by Lindsay Hackney Photography

photo by KNDM Co.

photo by The Colagrossis

Looking for something custom? Let Origin Ties personalize your ties!

In addition to a wide selection of colors, Origin Ties will customize your wedding ties with a personalized monogram or message woven directly into the premium silk. This service requires no minimum – so you can customize one, five, or fifteen ties – and no deposit, and offers design assistance to help you choose lettering and placement for the best looking ties that fit your vision.

The Price is Always Right

You may have noticed that all of Origin Ties‘ ties are priced at an affordable $25, but the company is putting a unique twist on pricing that you may not expect. Origin Ties offers what they call Reprice Privilege, which allows you as the buyer to feel the product and re-price it as you value it. Are you gifting the tie to your spouse or parent on the wedding day after feeling the luxe quality of your Origin Ties‘ product? You have the opportunity to “tip” Origin Ties for creating a gift that brought you such happiness, quality, and value. On the other hand, perhaps you’re purchasing ties for your entire fraternity because you couldn’t eliminate anyone when choosing your groomsmen. That could get a little pricey, and if the ties ultimately don’t hold a large personal value to you and your dudes, you might decide to reprice your order for a lower amount. You can decide to reprice your item — either up to 40% off the original price or by adding an unlimited bonus to Origin Ties — within 15 days of receiving the product. The team at Origin Ties believes this gives you a fair amount of time to determine your personal value of the product.

Origin Ties is taking men’s wedding fashion to the next level with a thoughtful color collection, affordable pricing, and a custom experience like none other. Choose your wedding tie color and start customizing your groom and groomsmen ties today!

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