Including Children in your Wedding Ceremony

September 17, 2008 | editorial team

Travel Update- Wednesday, September 17th- I’m back in Lusaka at my Dad’s house today. Gonna soak up some serious R & R, and get an idea of their everyday life here. I can’t wait to see my dad in action at work. He’s been traveling to Africa my whole life, and this is the very first time I’ll get to see a first hand look at what he’s been up to over here for all those years!

Today’s blog post is from one of my Junebug partners in crime, Blair. As the resident Junebug genius, Blair has an absolute wealth of knowlege about weddings, ettiquette, and all things sweet and special. Today she’s talking about kids in weddings, and what you should keep in mind when including the little ones you love in your big day. Enjoy!

La Vie Photography

 Including kids in your wedding is the guaranteed way to add extra sweetness to your day. What could be cuter than a little girl all dressed up in tulle and ribbons scattering flower petals from her basket, or a little boy suited up in his tuxedo taking on the important job of the bearing the rings to the bride and groom? If you have children in your life that are between the ages of four and eight those are perfect jobs for them and with enough practice and encouragement they can carry out their roles with pride and passion. Should you have older children that you would like to include, they make great junior bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers. 

children in wedding ceremonies

Images top to bottom by GH Kim Photography, J. Garner Photography and John and Joseph Photography

Little children, especially toddlers, are unpredictable and adorably spontaneous. If you plan on including them, be sure to stay flexible and keep your sense of humor. Sometimes they’ll be with you and sometimes they’ll be in their own world, playing with their toys while you say your vows, or hiding from the camera when the photographer wants to take your group photos. To help kids stay comfortable follow these easy tips:

  • Get the kids to practice their roles at your rehearsal and several times before your ceremony.
  • Have your flower girl and ring bearer walk down the aisle together. Having a buddy can help calm jumpy nerves.
  • Seat parents in the aisle seat where their kids can see them.
  • Be sure children have an extra change of clothes in case they can’t wait to get out of their fancy duds.
  • Arrange for child-care during the reception for toddlers and elementary school children. Create a play area with snacks, toys, and appropriate videos. Consider setting up a changing and nursing room for moms and little babies.
  • If you’re blending families, be sure that all the kids are included. Have them with you during the ceremony and be sure that the officiant calls them out as an important part of your union.

cute flower girls and ring bearers in weddings
Images top to bottom by Jenny Jimenez Photography, J. Garner Photography, Positive Light Photography and J. Garner Photography

Without a doubt, no matter how you choose to include kids in your wedding they’re sure to bring big smiles to your guests and look too precious for words in your pictures, making any minor accomodations made for them well worth it.

adorable flower girl and ring bearer from a real wedding
Image by GH Kim Photography

Speaking of well worth it! If you have a pet that is as adorable as the one pictured below, by all means deck them out in wedding attire and have your photographer include a photo of them in your wedding album. Kids and puppies, it really doesn’t get any cuter than that!
tiny dog wedding ring bearer

Image by John and Joseph Photography

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  1. Wow! The picture of the little boy sitting on the floor while the couple is getting married is adorable and I LOVE the bride’s dress. It looks like she’s wearing a tuxedo vest with super long tails. Michelle

  2. I just love your blog. It is so cute and everything! juliet xxx

  3. Children always add fresh energy to your wedding…

  4. For the bride, groom and parents of the engaged couple, weddings are a very important day. In order to make the special event very memorable, all of the wedding planning details and budget starting from the invitations, to the wedding ceremony and reception need to be planned correctly.

  5. I adore the element that children bring to a wedding. They can definately add that… “unforgetable” moment that no one saw coming. I also love tha innocense that they add. They sort of complete the circle of life events.

  6. Yay for a kid blog!!! Excellent idea!!! Great work ladies!

  7. Great photos and ideas! As an officiant, I’m always looking for creative suggestions for couples who want to include children in their ceremonies. I love your blog!

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