How to Dress Your Wedding Party

September 29, 2014 | carrie

Your wedding party should be dressed stylishly and comfortably. Let your groomsmen and bridesmaids choose suits and dresses that reflect the overall look and feel of your wedding, as well as a small piece of their own personal style. Below are three different style options to best dress your wedding party.

Classic & Chic

beach-wedding-at-montage-laguna-beach-california-photos-by-erik-clausen-21 Photo by Erik Clausen

woodland-wedding-at-benmarl-winery-new-york-photos-by-richard-israel-14 Photo by Richard Israel

vintage-inspired-garden-wedding-in-ireland-photos-by-savo-photography-13 Photo by Savo Photography

woodland-wedding-at-benmarl-winery-new-york-photos-by-richard-israel-13 Photo by Richard Israel

charming-australia-wedding-with-gorgeous-wedding-party-style-with-photos-by-hannah-blackmore-photography-6 Photo by Hannah Blackmoore Photography

2. Bright and Colorful

bright-yellow-and-orange-fun-summer-wedding-photo-by-paperlily-photography-17 Photo by Paperlily Photography

vibrant-urban-Los-Angeles-wedding-with-photos-by-Jeff-Newsom-21 Photo by Jeff Newsom

peach-coral-grey-wedding-at-swiftwater-cellars-photo-by-la-vie-photography-15 Photo by La Vie Photography

peach-coral-grey-wedding-at-swiftwater-cellars-photo-by-la-vie-photography-14 Photo by La Vie Photography

3. Mismatched

destination-wedding-in-tuscany-italy-photo-by-this-modern-love-24 Photo by Studio Impressions

intimate-warm-cozy-winter-wedding-photo-by-alison-conklin-photography-16 Photo by Alison Conklin Photography

charming-australia-wedding-with-gorgeous-wedding-party-style-with-photos-by-hannah-blackmore-photography-11 Photo by Hannah Blackmoore Photography

romantic-pastoral-wedding-on-a-tennessee-farm-with-photos-by-Erich-McVey-7 Photo by Erich McVey

romantic-pastoral-wedding-on-a-tennessee-farm-with-photos-by-Erich-McVey-10 Photo by Erich McVey

While you have the final say in the overall look and feel of your day, leave a little wiggle room for the comfort of your wedding party. They are helping to make your wedding flawless, so show them a little love in the style department!


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  1. Very good tips for wedding dress.

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