Holiday Giveaway Week – Gifts for Your Bridesmaids!

December 13, 2011 | editorial team

It’s day two of our Holiday Giveaway Week, and today we’re all about honoring your bridesmaids. These are the women who know you, love you, and stand by you through thick and thin, as well as at the altar on your big, big day. Don’t you think they deserve an awesome thank you for being such great friends? We sure do, so we put together a fabulous little collection of gifts that any woman would love:

– A Full Size Candle and Diffuser from Monique Lhuillier’s new Home Fragrance Collection

– A $100 Gift Certificate to Rent the Runway

– Your Choice of Any Ring from Peachtree Lane

Read on to learn more about each item, and to enter to win just leave us a comment here telling us about why you love your bridesmaids, and the ideas you have for showing them your gratitude. We’ll accept entries all week long, and choose our winner randomly next Monday, December 19th, 2011.

the new home fragrance collection from Monique Lhuillier

I’m a connoisseur of luxurious candles to burn at home, so I’ll admit I’m not easily impressed, but when I recently received a candle from the new Home Fragrance Collection by Monique Lhuillier, I was wowed! From the absolutely gorgeous packaging the the delicate fragrance inside, I had no doubt that a new favorite had been found! Today’s lucky Junebug winner will be receiving a full sized candle and diffuser in Pink Peony by Monique Lhuillier, which would make an incredible thank you or holiday gift to any woman in your life. The collection is so new that it’s not yet available online, but to order you can call the Los Angeles (323-655-1088) or Edina, MN (612-929-0747) Monique Lhuillier flagship salons and they’ll ship to where ever you are.

designer clothing and accessory rentals from Rent the Runway

Do you have girlfriends who are into fashion? Are they always after that perfect party dress or accessory for their next big event? Well look no further for a creative thank you gift than a gift certificate to Rent the Runway! Rent the Runway is a service that allows you to rent incredible high-end clothing and accessories for a tiny fraction of their purchase price, so it feels like your wardrobe budget just multiplied. If you’ve got a bridesmaid to thank who would love to get to shop through a boutique filled with dreamy designer pieces, check out Rent the Runway. Today’s winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to try it out!!

Texas based designer Rachel from Peachtree Lane creates whimsical rings and other pieces of jewelry that look as sweet as candy. Her nature-inspired cabochon rings are fun, affordable and just the right little thank you gifts for gals who love accessories. To share her lovely work with you, Rachel is offering our lucky winner your choice of any ring from the Peachtree Lane Esty shop! That’s right, you get to choose the flower shape and color you love best – thanks Rachel!

And thanks for entering to win readers! Don’t forget to enter yesterday’s huge Bridal Fashion Giveaway, and all the photography related giveaways going on over on Photobug!

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  1. I love my bridesmaids because they have been there for me throughout the thick and thin and I know I can count on them for my big day! I plan on buying them all Plum Pretty Sugar robes for our morning of getting ready! :) Happy Holidays!

  2. I love my bridesmaids for being the ones who have supported my relationship with my fiancee, but also for supporting me over the year of planning our wedding. I am having a winter wedding, so I have fuzzy white wraps for them to wear, plus a clutch for all their little items they want to have with them through the wedding day.

  3. For our bridesmaids we made them necklaces and earrings! They were so wonderful and caring, helping with the design of the wedding invitations, throwing me a cowgirl themed bachelorette and dancing their butts of during the reception!

  4. Without my bridesmaids I would have had a difficult time getting through all the planning of my wedding. This gives me great ideas for the gifts I was planning on.

  5. I love bridesmaids. They are there for all your needs and stresses for most all of your life.

  6. My bridesmaids support my relationship and helped me through the wedding craziness. I made jewelry for each of them.

  7. Oh goodness, what is there not to love about my bridesmaids. First off, my sisters. They’ve been with me my whole life, and despite living thousands of miles away, either down in Texas or way over in Dubai, I always feel like they’re with me. They are my foundation, the women I know that no matter what, they will be by my side through anything. The same is true of my two best friends, my additional two bridesmaids (4 in total). They are everything my sisters are right here in town. They’re there for me at the nearest coffee shop if I need to talk, and are here to celebrate life’s joys. I trust them with absolutely anything.

  8. My sisters are my bridesmaids, and I love them to death! We’ve always been there for each other and we always will be. They are my best friends. My fiance and I want to get them each a piece of jewelry that fits their personality and style, since they’re so unique!

  9. I chose my bridesmaids because of the way they have impacted my life. Each one has been there for me in exceptional ways and shaped the woman I am. I can’t see my life without them, and couldn’t imagine taking this huge step without their witness and support. When I asked them to be in my wedding I gave each of them three silver stacking promise rings. I will also get them each three gold ones for the wedding. I also am planning a spa day for the 5 of us to go get pampered the day before the wedding and part of that time will be spent with little a little public (between us) presentation of what each woman means to me.

  10. I love my bridesmaids so much. They’re my sisters. We definitely want to give them something very special. Perhaps some jewelry…

  11. I love my bridesmaids because they are always there for me and without them the whole wedding planning process would kill me!So I’m still thinking about a great gift to show them my gratitude…

  12. I love the jewelry, it looks gorgeous!

  13. I love my 7 bridesmaids because they are the coolest chicks around. They have been the most influential (under 40) women in my life and i know they will be my friends for life. In fact, this is the link to the video I made as a tribute to them http://vimeo.com/33485628!

  14. My bridesmaids are a great support system for me for the wedding and for life in general! I am purchasing their day of jewelry for them and am now working on individual personalized gifts for each one! Ideas are welcome!

  15. My Maid of Honor…there are no words to describe her and how much she means to me. We just get each other and I rarely have to explain something to her, she just knows. One of my BM’s will become my Sister-in-law and she is the one that provides the honest truth–even if it may be a little harsh ;). The other girls are just like family and I cant wait to give them something that will show them how much they mean to me. I’m still working on the details, but Thei would certainly help :)

  16. We also provide brides with ideas for lovely bridesmaids’ gifts, but these ones are just fabulous!!! Any bridesmaid (or any lady for that matter) would love these!

  17. I love my bridesmaids because they’re my sisters! They’re always there for me when I need them and we have unconditional love for eachother!

  18. i love my bridesmaids! my maid and matron of honor are my sisters who have been there for me whenever i need them. i am so grateful to have them in my life and in our wedding!!

  19. I love my bridesmaids because they are all strong, independent women, yet are able to come together to support each other, even when they don’t know everyone. I don’t know how I can honor them, but I hope to give them something that relates to each of their individual awesomeness.

  20. My MOH and bridesmaid are great. Even though they all live far apart and none are local to me, the have been a great support system. I am still deciding on what to get them, but I did book a hotel suite at the Ritz the night before the wedding, so that me and my bridemaid can have one last sleepover and have our hair and makeup done there the next morning.

  21. I would love to win some of this for my girls!!

  22. I love my bridesmaids because they have been dependable friends and family for many years. I am so excited to share the special day with them. These gifts are beautiful and give me great ideas!

  23. As with the guys in our life, the ladies are always there for us and make our group complete. I have no idea what to give them!

  24. My little sister is my maid of honor (and only bridesmaid!). She’s a crazy little thing just brimming with vitality and compassion, and I love her to death. We’re still early in our planning process, but she’s been so supportive — she loves my fiance like a brother, she’s making all of our invites (she’s crazy talented), she’ll likely be our de facto planner, and she will BURN up the dance floor. I have no idea what to give her yet, but it will absolutely be accompanied by a note telling her just how much she means to me.

  25. I love how my bridesmaids are a mix of my sisters, one of my soon to be sister-in-law and friends from different stages of my life. But I still haven’t figured out what to gift them that’s decent, but within my low budget – probably something handmaid will win out in the end.

  26. I love my bridesmaids because they have been with me through all my important life stages (graduations, moving to different parts of the world, meeting my fiance!) and I am so excited to have them stand up there with me on the big day!

  27. i love my bridesmaids because i know they will be my friends for life. i really wanted to ask them to be bridesmaids in a person and unique way to show them how much they mean to me.

  28. I love my bridesmaids because they are my best friends! Through the good and the bad, they’d stuck with me and put up with all of my quirks when others shy away. I’ll be putting together individualized packages for each of my bridesmaids that shows how much I appreciate them taking the time out to help with my wedding and for being such a great friend. I was thinking maybe a photo book with some cute photos of us in it, and some of their favorite foods or a gift card to their favorite store.

  29. I love my bridesmaids because they are from different parts of my life (family, work, music). I’m showing my appreciation for them by buying their dresses (I chose the color, they chose the style) and being totally laid back about everything else. I think they’ll look great and be happy no matter what!

  30. My bridesmaids are the best. I know everyone says so…but mine really are! Each woman represents a really fun and special part of my life (elementary school, high school, college and now). I really can’t help but think of really special ways to spoil them and honor them for being a part of SUCH a momentous day in my life. I’m so lucky to have them! Some gift ideas that i was thinking of giving them were their bridesmaids dresses, full make-up/hair on the wedding day, and one more gift that i haven’t quite decided on… jewelry perhaps? In any case, I plan to spoil them and make lots of really great memories with them to live on!

  31. It’s almost funny that my bridesmaids all have the same name. Lindsay, Lindsey and Lyndsey – my sister, his sister and my best friend. They are all so unique and special to me and I can’t wait to find them something that fits all their personalities – they are all different, which is partly why they are going to be standing up there with me!

  32. I love my bridesmaids for their loyalty, they are truly my best friends. I’m planning on giving them cashmere pashminas for being in my bridal party -plus, hopefully they can use them on the day of the wedding!

  33. I love love love my 2 bridesmaids. They are my closest friends and have proven to me time after time that they are there for me and that I can trust them with anything and everything. It’s a happy bonus that they are married to my brothers :) I don’t know what I will be getting them at this point, nothing special enough has caught my eye yet!

  34. My bridesmaids are incredible and I love them so. I’m in CA and the four of them live in other states and we somehow manage to stay just as close as if we lived together. They are super supportive and we have these fun group texts whenever it’s time to make a decision regarding the wedding. I don’t know what I would do without them!! I haven’t picked their gifts yet but I know it has to be something as unique and creative as each one of them.

  35. I couldn’t have planned this wedding without my sister and 2 best friends. Living in a different country makes wedding planning a little tricky, but they’ve been my ground team from the start! Visiting venues, posting save the dates and interviewing vendors. I cant wait to see them (only a month before the WD!), and these gifts would be the perfect thank you gift for all the effort they’ve put into making my day special!

  36. My maid of honor is my only biological sister, my other bridesmaids are sorority sisters, but we act as if we’re biological! We are all scattered around the country, and no matter the time that goes without seeing each other, we can pick up again like it was just yesterday that we saw each other. I haven’t been picked any gifts for them yet, I’m waiting for to find the perfect items.

  37. I just asked one of my bridesmaids last night! and I am very excited to have them by my side on my wedding day. I will have my sisters and closest friends there and they have all been there for me through so much. I plan on giving my bridesmaids lockets with home made hard perfume inside, as well as a few other things.

  38. We will have our sisters and a best friend in our wedding as bridesmaids and I couldn’t be without either of them. They all have such different personalities and traits but they have all been there for me and for us as a couple, showing their love and support from the first introductions.

  39. I chose my bridesmaids, cause we have been through thick and thin. They have seen all the loves I have had in my life! And how my fiance is the complete package just for me! I am so excited to share my special day with these special ladies!!

  40. I have my sister as my MOH, my high school best friend, and my college best friend! They all signify an important part(s) of my life and are still always here for me to this day. I hope to put together a short but sweet photoframe or photobook that shows our friendship (or life, for my sister!) throughout the years. Would love to win, thanks for the opportunity!

  41. My ladies are incredible. They range from my best friend since high school to my neighbor that I literally lived next to and grew up with for 19 years of my life. I am so blessed to have them because they have all been there for me during difficult times and are especially encouraging when the world just seems to want to crash. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. I want them all to know how much they mean and they all realize that I am planning my wedding on a terribly tight budget so they don’t expect much but I would really like to put together a small package for each of them with a hand-written letter of thanks and add a small gift that really fits their personality.

  42. My bridesmaids are my cousins and 2 best friends, and I have been loving spending so much time with all 4 of them. They are all so willing to jump in and have fun. So far, I’ve gotten them personalized robes and would love to add more!

  43. I love my bridesmaids! They help me with so much, and they are planning an awesome bachelorette party for me :) I’m actually planning on having an old school bridesmaid’s tea for them, because of all their hard work, and I’m making candles in some vintage tea cups I found super cheap while thrifting. I’m very excited about doting on them after all they’ve done for me.

  44. my bridesmaids have all played important roles in my life over the years. I know what a financial and time commitment it is to be in a wedding and I am so honored they want to share my day with me.

  45. I love my girls because they help see my vision and make it come to life. They also let me know when I have gone too far. Gotta love your best friends.

  46. I’m only having two bridesmaids, and I would love to find a gift that exemplifies my love and appreciation for them…. I’ve been thinking a combination of personal and shiny. Possibly a handwritten letter thanking them for their love and support during this exciting (stressful, at times) point in my life, paired with personalized stationary for them and a bauble or two to remember our big day. ;)

  47. My ladies saved my life, and I am going to pamper the heck out of them!

  48. My bridesmaids are so amazing! My MOH is my sister who is not only my closest friend but has also been the main chaperone for me and my future husband’s entire courtship I am so blessed to have the one person who knows us both best stand with me at my wedding! I also have three other bridesmaids standing with me my cousin, my soon to be sister-in-law, and my best friend. I also have a row of honorary bridesmaids made up of close friends who will not be standind with me because we wanted a small wedding party but they are bridesmaids still the same. I couldn’t do anything without my girls!

  49. I just officially asked my bridesmaids today! I’ve love to spoil them with a spa day for my bachlorette party

  50. My bridesmaids have been good friends since high school and college. I’m going to treat them to a spa day prior to the wedding day so we can enjoy each other and relax around the chaos. They deserve the best gifts!

  51. I do not deserve to have such wonderful women in my life! They deserve absolutely everything wonderful in the world~ I wanted to take them out on a wine tasting trip.

  52. I love my bridesmaids because they have been there for me from the most joyful to the most stressful times of my life. I can turn to them without hesitation for support and encouragement when I most need it. I hope to make being my bridesmaid a fun and enjoyable experience because they only deserve the best!

  53. I will be giving jewelry that reflects our friendships and matches our wedding theme.

  54. How could I not choose my best friends as my bridesmaids? I chose three phenominal girls! All of my girls bring out a different “best” out of me, which is truly a unique and great thing. Unfortunately earlier on I did choose a girl who ended up dropping out of my wedding party, so this would truly be amazing to win because I want my girls to feel as special as I do on my wedding day.

  55. 5 out of the 8 of my bridesmaids are family members and they are all saints for helping understand all the ins and outs of the family dynamic. They have helped diffuse any snags along the way and I am forever grateful! I have been designing some jewelry for them to wear at the wedding that they will hopefully keep and want to wear again!

  56. My bridesmaids mean everything to me, and I’m so happy to have them take part in my special day! I wanted to ask them in a special way, and so I had custom hangers made for them to hang their dresses on, and sent them packages to ask them to be part of our day. Having them there with me will be so important, as they have always been there in the past!

  57. My wedding wouldn’t be the same without my closest friends involved. I’d love to show my gratitude by giving each of them a personal gift that is specifically tailored to them.

  58. All my ladies, MOH and brideswomen are sisters or sisters in law! They are all very special to me.

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