Holiday Giveaway Week – Fashion!

December 20, 2010 | editorial team

Happy holidays dear Junebug readers! To thank you for your love, support and participation all year long we’ve put together a week of giveaways for you, filled with wedding goodies you won’t want to miss! From food to fashion to beauty to wedding planning extras we hope these items will help make your holidays bright. And if you’re a lover of photography, head on over to Photobug to enter to win our amazing photography giveaway too!

First up… it’s Fashion Day! One very lucky winner will soon be receiving these sparkling bridal fashion accessories:

Rachel Leigh’s Zelda Crystal Necklace from The Aisle New York

– Teardrop Edwardian Style Earrings from Emma Stine

– Swarovski Crystal Bridal Comb from Bride’s Head Revisited

Read on to learn more about the prizes, and to enter to win simply leave us a comment describing your personal wedding style and the fashion accessories that you’re most excited about wearing on your wedding day. We’ll accept entries all week long, and randomly choose our winner this Friday, December 24th. Good luck everyone! And happy holidays!!!

The Aisle New York, the new online members-only boutique that gives you access to the best in luxury bridal fashion and accessories, is launching on Januay 3rd and we’re counting down the days! To celebrate they’re giving away this gorgeous Rachel Leigh necklace that we simply love! Head over to www.theaislenewyork.com to pre-register before their official launch date so you’ll be the first to know about all their incredible collections and sales.


Emma Stine makes jewelry and accessories that are classic and timeless yet still on the cutting edge of style. Their passion and goal is some thing we can really get behind – creating luxury for all women. These beautiful Teardrop Edwardian Earrings, inspired by raindrops and antique style, sure would look incredible on every woman we know!


Bride’s Head Revisited has long been making stylish veils and hair accessories for the modern bride, and now with their brand new Flagship Store in New York City’s Flatiron District seeing their incredible selection of customizable veils, French veils, crystal combs, silk flowers and garters has never been more fun. To learn even more, check out their blog and Facebook page, and use the promo code “move2010” when you visit their new boutique in January or February and receive 10% off your purchase!

Brides Head Revisited
1123 Broadway, Suite 1001
Between 25th and 26th Streets
New York, NY 10010


A very special thank you The Aisle New York, Emma Stine and Bride’s Head Revisited for generously donating this giveaway. We adore you.

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  1. My bridal style is classic and simple with a twist. I have a very simple dress, which gives me the ability to make more of a splash with my accessories. i think these pieces would fit the bill perfectly! fun and flashy but not over the top

  2. I am wearing a modern vintage alencon lace gown for my Spring wedding. I plan to use classic pieces for the ceremony and formal pictures, including crystal earrings, a crystal bracelet, jeweled belt, and cathedral veil accented with matching alecon lace. For the reception, I would like to change into a chunkier statement necklace/ earrings and add accent to my hair after I take my veil off.

  3. I love antique-style jewelry. I’m most excited to wear chandelier earrings.

  4. I’d describe my wedding style as modern. The accessories I’m most excited about are the necklace and earrings. Would love to win this set!

  5. Ooooh so pretty! Since I was never one of those little girls into Disney princesses and fantasizing about their wedding, I always thought my personal wedding style would be really minimalist, if not non-existent. But now that I’ve bought a gown and started working on the rest of the wedding, my style is turning out to be 80% classic, 20% modern twist. The accessory I’m most excited about is my veil. It’s soft and romantic and perfectly complements my gown. Necklaces and earrings come and go, but how often do you get to wear a friggin’ veil?!? The crystal comb from Bride’s Head Revisited would be the icing on the cake.

  6. I would describe my style as vintage. Not only is my dress vintage, but my bridesmaids and I are going on vintage ourselves :). I am most excited about the crystal comb. It’s simply stunning.

  7. Those are beautiful! I’ve never been a girlie girl so I assumed that would carry over into my wedding style. It did not! Once I got my dress, I decided bling was the way to go, even though we are going for a more casual beachy wedding. I want to sparkle in the sunshine! The accessory I am most excited about wearing is the antique lace/silk flower hair piece that is being designed for me.

  8. Those are all gorgeous! My wedding style is steampunk, as we’re doing both an elopement to City Hall and a small ceremony with friends. I’m still trying to choose a gown, but my fiance and I are having fun figuring out what to wear! The accessory I’m most excited about wearing doesn’t exist yet, as we’re making the hairpieces and necklaces for myself and my friends. It’s fun brainstorming ideas, though!

  9. My wedding style is kinda vintage and kinda fun… what a great giveaway! I love the little hair comb so much!

  10. Beautiful items! My personal style on my wedding day is going to be a bit of 20’s glam and I’m most excited to wear the pin that my grandpa gave my grandma on their wedding day!

  11. Wow, I love these items and the necklace would look great with my dress! I’m most excited to wear purple pumps on my wedding day. Still need to decide on a veil, but I’m loving the birdcage veil on the model.

  12. I’m going for a whimsical look with a hint of vintage. The accessory I am most excited about wearing would have to be my veil. It’s simple, but the idea of only getting to wear it once in your life makes it super special to me. I’ll truly feel like a bride =)

  13. Sorry, forgot to add – my personal style is modern, yet classic and casual. Kinda J.Crew-ish :)

  14. That crystal comb is gorgeous! I would describe my style as classic, yet romantic. I love detail, and can’t wait to wear a gorgeous pair of Cathy waterman chandelier earrings down the aisle!

  15. I am going for a clean, classy, and whimsical look. Love all of the featured items!

  16. My personal style for my wedding is a bit vintage victorian and a bit rustic. I plan to wear Claire Pettibone and favor the midnight dress. I would love to wear Rachel Leigh’s Zelda Crystal Necklace as it would suit the dress and ceremony decor perfectly (we are using a lot of crystals and mini lights for an ethereal feel). I hope I win!

  17. This is an awesome giveaway! I have been dreaming about my jewelry for awhile. My wedding style is very simple, elegant, and classic. However, I want a touch of uniqueness within my wedding as well. The necklace would be PERFECT for my dress! I am very excited to wear a fabulous necklace. I hope I win! Thanks!

  18. I like elegant and classic – but with some surprises, like my red shoes :)

  19. Our wedding has a vintage garden style. I’m excited to wear something pretty in my hair and to wear some cute earrings!

  20. My wedding is going to be a spring affair, full of flowers and peachy touches…It’s going to be romantic, ethereal with personal touches…I can’t wait to wear my gorgeous ruffled dress!…and that crystal necklace would look so pretty with it! great giveaway!!!

  21. my great grandmothers broach that I inherited

  22. All of these pieces are gorgeous!! The crystal comb would be PERFECT for my best friends fun & funky mad men style wedding down in Portland next spring.

  23. My wedding style is very simple – barefoot in the park, hair down and wavy.

  24. Inspired by our beautiful historic venue and the generous gift of an antique ring, we will be trying to convey a vintage feel at our fall wedding. Because of this, I’m really excited about veils and headpieces! I’m hoping to do a veil change rather than a dress change; I’m looking to wear a very 1920s-esque cathedral length veil for the ceremony, then switch to a birdcage or French veil for the reception.

  25. I love, love, love artsy-vintage fashion. No one can touch the style of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Vivien Leigh, and even Faye Dunaway. These ladies would definitely look stunning in all of these pieces–especially the hair comb–just gorgeous. I can only dream to come within an inch of their elegance… with these lovely accessories I would sure be on my way!

  26. to enter to win simply leave us a comment describing your personal wedding style and the fashion accessories that you’re most excited about wearing on your wedding day Wow those pieces are gorgeous. My wedding style is classic. The accessories I am most excited to wear are my grandmother’s cuff bracelets. It will be a way for her to be with me on the big day.

  27. my fall 2012 wedding is being planned with a kind of romantic vintage theme in mind and I have been searching for something special to go in my hair. The hair comb pictured above would be PERFECT!!! Love it all- thanks for such a great giveaway.

  28. My personal wedding style is all about glow… the glow of Fall, the glow of sunset, the glow of a happy bride and groom. Bold purples, cranberry and a little silver will bring the day to life with glowing color. I’m most excited about wearing a very sparkly necklace around my neck and my purple platform shoes!

  29. My style is very simple,pearl earrings and pendant, no veil. But these items are quite lovely!

  30. I am most excited to wear my pink and cream ’50’s style dress!

  31. My style is classic yet romantic. I’m excited to wear lace and my mother’s heirloom bracelet.

  32. I am a vintage woman 100%. I live for crystals, pearls, antique lace and little embellishments that personalize everything! This is a wonderful giveaway! I am looking forward to wearing my cameo pendant (a family heirloom as my something old) and I can’t wait to wear my blusher veil with detachable flower comb. I adore the hair comb you have here as well! BUENA SUERTE everyone! :]

  33. My bridal style is whimsical, romantic and vintage. I am inspired by Sex and the City fashion, colors, and drama. I am anxious to find the perfect shoes, feather accessories, unique dress, and a vintage wedding ring. Unique….should be the keyword for my wedding.

  34. My wedding style is spontaneity. A touch of surprise here, a little wow there. I love the beautiful and unexpected! And what I love most about each of these pieces is their ability to transcend wedding so that I may wear them happily ever after! Yea!

  35. My personal wedding style is Vintage all the way.Vintage makes you appreciates aged and antique treasures.Styles repeat themselves and Vintage will never go out of style.I’m excited to wear anything pretty and vintage looking.I never liked pearls until I started planning my wedding.I love pearls too.I plan on wearing a veil and hair flower also all vintage. Thanks for the giveaway.Lots of pretty things.Happy Holidays! twils2001@yahoo.com

  36. I hope it’s ok to enter for my fiancee. It would be a great surprise gift for her if we won! I refuse to see her dress prior to our wedding date, so I can’t comment on the exact style. However, I know she likes classic, yet simple dresses. I think this jewelery would look great on her. :)

  37. Vintage! I’m excited to find vintage and vintage inspired items to don on my wedding day! Most meaningful are the family pieces that bring a sentimental value!

  38. My wedding style would be simple yet smart so I can accessorize with bold and sparkly pieces :) I would love to wear those dangling earrings! Thanks!

  39. Patrick and I are getting married in the middle of the woods over looking a lake in mid October. The chapel is an “open air chapel”, meaning it is just the frame of a church and completely open to nature. The wedding party and groom will be earth tones and slightly casual (meaning three piece suits, and tea length dresses), where I want to be just utterly dramatic to contrast with the rustic look of a fall woodsy wedding! My dream dress will be sleeveless and I would love to have a very sophisticated yet dramatic necklace accentuate my neckline.

  40. Gorgeous pieces! We’re getting married at a very rustic winery, but I still want to feel like a princess. My style will be classic, but a little bit whimsical!

  41. My personal wedding style is classic and traditional. I am looking forward to wearing my gorgeous blue garter and my wedding shoes: sparkly high heels! What a great giveaway!

  42. Our wedding style is elegant and playful. We love traditions, but we like to put our own personality into it. Our colors are periwinkle (blues/purples) and lime as an accent color. I’m also mixing in some cute polka dots in small doses. We’re getting married in June 2011 at my childhood church (big pretty stainglass windows and all). Then we are heading to a reception venue between his hometown and mine where we will party it up with friends and family to celebrate the beginning of our lives! The accesories I know I’d like are: a veil for the ceremony, teardrop earrings (Emma’s are stunning), a bracelet, and perhaps a little something for my hair once the veil is off. I can’t wait! It’ll be the most feminine and dazzling I’ve ever felt in my life!

  43. I consider my style to be modern romantic. My wedding dress is full on lace but I want to wear a pair of rockin red heels to go with it. Haven’t found my perfect shoes yet! All the jewelry I’ll be wearing is family owned.

  44. My wedding day style is definitely simple and elegant. I’m so excited to have my “something borrowed” is my aunt’s beautiful crystal necklace and earrings. Both are very simple and understated, yet very elegant. HOWEVER – these pieces are amazing! I need something to wear for my “back home” reception for those who can’t make it to San Francisco!! I would LOVE to wow them in jewelry like this – which would still go amazingly with my dress!

  45. WOW what great work love the the pictures. We do wedding catering in San Diego would you like to exchange links find us at http://smokehousegrills.com

  46. I’d describe my wedding style as modern elegance. And as for accessories, I have several I’m really excited about. First, I bought a custom made gardenia hair flower from an Etsy seller. And second, a very dear friend made me a double strand bracelet of coin pearls to match the earrings I already purchased. I was having trouble finding something to match and he whipped it up for me that same day! Gotta love the wedding elves!

  47. My wedding day style is a blend of modern and traditional (which is exactly how I’d describe our attempt to blend my fiance’s style and mine). He did a perfect job on the ring, so I’m carrying that blend into what I wear for our big day! I’m really excited about finding the perfect hairpiece, but also feel really special that I’ll get to wear my grandmother’s ring and my future mother-in-law’s garter when I walk down the aisle.

  48. Our wedding style is very earthy. We will incorporate alot of woods and stone and moss. The colors match my hubs to be’s kilt made from a tartan of blues and greens – I love the deep red merlot to offset it. I guess you could say a sort of peacock color theme. I think there will be gnomes at our wedding and tiny magical things dispersed throughout ;) The accesories which I am most excited for are the ones I have yet to discover. I haven’t really found my outfit or accessories yet. I am very excited about the bridesmaids attire a lovely fairly like dress collection from zizzyfay on etsy. My hubs to be has some pretty cool scottish flair! <3 <3 Thank you very much for the opportunity to win.

  49. I think my style would be modern day romance. I love all the beautiful details that are romantic such as special touches but i would love to have more modern touches thrown in. And I would love bursts of colours!

  50. My personal wedding style is modern and elegant, and my dress will be very simple, so I’m really excited about my accessories. If I could wear these, I would be so ecstatic!

  51. my wedding style is classic and romantic, so that the photos and memory will be timeless

  52. Well, I just got engaged on Sunday so not positive yet, but I’m pretty sure I want a tiara!

  53. My style is romantic, soft, vintage, and elegant. I can’t wait to wear my dress and the earrings I have picked out. (though I still have to buy them!) kikisescapades(at)gmail(dot)com

  54. I love classic and romantic style and i can’t wait to wear a statement necklace!!!

  55. I am hoping to go with a modern, yet classic beachy elegance. I think I just contradicted myself. I will be wearing my mother’s pearls. I want bright blue shoes. And my dress is lightweight, simple, yet gorgeous (if I do say so myself). Would love to accessorize with these possibly, or barrow them to a bridesmaid or guest to wear :)

  56. My style is very classic. Simple, classic, modern but with something that POPS. Even though I love pink, I don’t want to incorporate too much of it into the wedding because it seems a bit too feminine. The one thing I’m most excited about is the veil! I plan on choosing a very long veil with very few hair accessories.

  57. my personal wedding style will be simple and white. The fashion accessories that I’m most excited about wearing on my wedding day is a tiara!!

  58. I am so excited to wear my great grandmother’s hair combs on our special day!

  59. my style (i hope) would be classy with a punk-ish flair, just like me and my hubby-to-be’s personalities! i am most excited to wear these pearl earrings from my mom and of course, the wedding ring. ;)

  60. My style is “stylish sophistication”. I like classic peices with a fresh approach. I love feminine colors, pearls, ribbons, lace and AMAZING shoes.

  61. Our wedding is going to be in the fall, in the woods. I have a romantic tiered gown that would be fun to glam up with some sparkle inspired by the natural surroundings. Rain drop earrings for rainy Oregon, a flower hair comb…so exciting!

  62. I don’t know what my bridal style is. I am actually not at all looking forward to trying on wedding dresses. I have a hard body to fit clothes into, so shopping takes me forever. Damn this short torso! My ultimate goal, though, is to be comfortable. And to rock my short hair. You never see photos of brides with short hair so I’m looking to go glam in other ways (since I can’t have a fancy up-do). Big jewelry and an understated gown — neither of which I’ve found yet…..yikes!

  63. My wedding style is glamorous, gothic rockstar. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but it is coming together so nicely! I really want interesting accessories, but I have yet to pick them out.

  64. I’m actually going to be making my own wedding dress. It’ll be vintage-y and sexy, with a touch of rock n’ roll. My engagement ring is a black diamond, so I want to have details of black.

  65. Classic with sparkle and pearls!

  66. I can’t wait to find the perfect chunky bracelet to go with my dress! I know it’s out there….I just haven’t found it yet. I’m also going to add a locket to my bouquet with pictures of my grandpa and my fiance’s brother; both who have passed away.

  67. My wedding style will be very couture. I am most excited about wearing my custom designed veil.

  68. I think my style is classic modern and i can’t wait to wear my bight pink necklace!!!

  69. sophisticated with fine details would be what i consider my style to be. I’m excited to be wearing my mom’s necklace for when she got married!!!!

  70. I LOVE these giveaway pieces! My style is simple and elegant. I’m particularly excited about the comb –I’m planning on wearing my hair down with just a little something in it just like that!

  71. “Vintage French Provincial” is the term I’ve coined to describe our wedding style. It sounds pretentious, but it’s the best way I can describe the feeling of our wedding to the florist, baker, seamstress, etc. I’m most excited about wearing some vintage pearls and family jewelry pieces. Incorporating family pieces into the wedding is very important to me!

  72. I would say my personal style is probably classic – and I’m most looking forward to wearing a super cool headband beaded thingy with my veil! I tried it on and was sooo surprised that it looked fantastic!

  73. my personal style is simple and classic. love the pieces featured here!

  74. My personal wedding style is classic and the accessories I’m most excited about wearing is the necklace my fiance gave me the birthday before we got engaged. It is beautiful and matches my engagement ring perfectly.

  75. Anything that sparkles:-)

  76. I would describe my wedding style to be elegant, soft, vintage, simple. I think the most exciting fashion accessary of course would be my wedding ring because it is not only a wonderful, meaningful gift you received from the one you love, but it is a symbol of unity!!! I am also very excited to wear the sash that I made for myself!!! I would be most excited to wear that beautiful necklace from this giveaway to complete my look for my big day!!! Please pick me

  77. I am in love with all this jewelry, especially the earrings. I would describe my wedding style as elegant. My dress is simple with a little bit of sparkle. I am mostly excited about the pearl headband I will be wearing.

  78. I’m definitely having a more casual wedding. We’ll be outside and the grooms men won’t be wearing tuxes. The girls are picking whichever style dress they like but they’ll be burgundy. The most important thing to us about our wedding is that it is personal for us. My fiance and I are writing our entire ceremony and my fiance’s brother is going to get ordained for us! I am most looking forward to wearing my dress and my wedding band! I can’t wait to be married to my amazing fiance and I also can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees me walk down the isle :)

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