Giveaway! Bridal Lingerie from Cosabella

January 11, 2010 | editorial team

Bridal lingerie from Cosabella, Eversoft Bra and Ever Lowrider Hotpants

If you’re a fan of lovely lingerie, you’re sure to know (and love) Cosabella! Combining feminine designs, sexy details and super comfortable cuts and fabrics, Cosabella is luxurious lingerie that will make you feel your very best. Lucky for all of you brides to be, Cosabella.com recently launched their online bridal registry, and to celebrate they’re giving one special Junebug reader a free set of their Ever Soft Bra and Ever Lowrider Hotpants (above) as well as a free something blue Soire Thong to all valid new registries. Thanks Cosabella!

To enter to win the bra and hotpant set, visit www.shop.cosabella.com, browse through their collections, and leave a comment here telling us about the items you would choose for your wedding day, honeymoon, or any day! We’ll choose a winner at the end of the week. And don’t forget to check out their bridal registry, and set one up to receive your free Soire Thong. A lingerie registry is perfect for bridal shower and bachelorette party gifts, and there’s no better time to enjoy sexy lingerie than during your wedding and honeymoon, and in my opinion, for as long as you both shall live. Good luck!


Bridal lingerie from Cosabella


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  1. I would definitely choose the Ceylon Bra with the Ceylon Lowrider Hotpants in Sand…..Vintage and lacy! Perfect for wedding day or everyday!

  2. I love the pearl bra & thong set in white. Gorgeous!

  3. What an amazing giveaway! I mean, one can always use more pretty things. I’d go for two bras – the Pearl Balconette and the Soire Demi Cup bra. The Pearl would be an amazing wedding/honeymoon piece, and it looks really comfortable. The Soire would be great for general use and still looks awesome. I admit, I tend to go for rather functional bras, but they’re all just so cute!

  4. I would really choose the Ever Soft Bra and Ever Lowrider Hotpants. They look comfy and sexy! Perfect for a honeymoon.

  5. I’d have to say the Clio babydoll. It looks so soft!

  6. Loving the Ceylon bra and matching G. That would be perfect for everyday and the honeymoon! Also really like the Kintyre Babydoll!

  7. I love the Suri Long Gown — would be so fun to wear on a honeymoon!

  8. Everything is so lovely, but the pearl balconette bra would be perfect for a wedding night. Shhhh, just don’t tell my fiance what I want to get!

  9. i would totally rock the dorothy baby doll lingerie, so sexy and fun.

  10. i would definitely get some of their Smooth Shapewear to wear under my dress!

  11. The petals balconette bra is gorgeous!

  12. I love this stuff! I have a pair of Cosabella underwear that is so comfortable yet sexy. A lingerie registry is a fantastic idea, especially for someone like me that is a size 12-14 — so that friends can buy lingerie for a shower and not have to go guessing at my size. I just set up a registry but it’s not allowing me to add items to my list so that is definitely a flaw. One of my ideas is to wear a new set of lingerie for every night of our honeymoon in Quebec City, sort of a “surprise” for my financé. The set I’d absolutely love from Cosabella I love are: Celine Pushup Bra in Anthracite and Silver Celine Lowrider Hotpants Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I love the Ceylon bra and matching Ceylon hotpant. The sand color is beautiful – I love the lacy details!

  14. oooh! I LOVE the Lexi Robe with the Pearl Bra and Pearl Lowrider Thong. They’re so pretty I’d never want to take them off

  15. I absolutely love their bridal collections of Pearl and Lexy! Both collections have the cutest babydolls and bras! i love it! I’ll use them on my wedding night and honeymoon ;)

  16. I wore blue cosabella panties on my wedding day and it was that fun “something blue” that only I knew about under my dress :) For an anniversary I would choose the Valeria Chiffon Robe, there’s just something about a sexy and secretive robe that I love and the ruffles on this one are so elegant cute!

  17. This is my first time looking at Cosabella stuff. Would love to try it out! When I was looking at the catalog. The bras and underware were really cute. I would choose any of it for all the time wear!!

  18. I would choose the Lexy lowrider hotpants,camisole,robe and baby doll…super hot!

  19. I love the sexy Dorothy Babydoll! This would be a perfect ending to my wedding day!

  20. The Cosabella Amore Mon Cherie Babydoll would be adorable for the honeymoon.

  21. my fiance makes fun of me for owning no sexy lingerie. it would surprise him if i got to wear the dorothy baby doll on our wedding night!

  22. Dorothy Babydoll & G-String Set — how beautiful!

  23. I really like the Dyon Camisole. I think it would be perfect for the honeymoon!

  24. I’d totally rock the never say never cutie lowrider thong in a sexy bright color!! I love their stuff, it is amazingly comfortable and unbelievably flattering:) And not to mention super sexy and with an old fashioned lingerie vibe.

  25. Oh, I’d love to show off the sexy Pearl bra and matching Pearl Lowrider Thong!

  26. The “Forever” lowrider hotpants and push up bra would be great for the honeymoon! And love that they’re called “Forever!”

  27. This was difficult, I would love almost everything I saw. If I had to choose it would be any of the babydolls, the hotpants, or even the sex and the city attire, since I’m a big fan!

  28. I’m such a sucker for babydolls.

  29. Oooh I would love the matching red Anais wireless bra and thong set for my honeymoon! Sexy!

  30. cute! i love this set – Cosabella Amore Mio Bikini and bra – totally chic and cute at the same time – just my style! :)

  31. OMG!! Perfect for Valentine’s day! I am so loving the Dorothy Babydoll set!

  32. I love (and know my husband would too!) the Bathsheba baby doll–sexy and sweet!

  33. Oh I am LOVING the pearl babydoll. So perfect for the wedding night or any night! Beautiful! What a wonderful giveaway – thanks for the opportunity :)

  34. love it … the Dorothy babydoll set would be perfect for my wedding night :-D

  35. I’ve always been a fan of Cosabella so this is a hard one! The bathsheba babydoll is pretty and pink, two of my favorite things! I also love their thongs and matching bras — they have some of the best seamless ones!

  36. I love the Lola Babydoll! Perfect for a wedding night.

  37. such great website i love the pearl teddy and the pearl babydoll for the wedding night im sure my future husband will love it. plus I need something pretty that will make me feel better since my maid of honor just told me she wont be particpating or attending the wedding and i only have 40 days to the wedding day :(

  38. I love the Ceylon babydoll for honeymoon or any other special night! I also love the soft bra and hotpants for everyday wear. LOVE Cosabella!!!

  39. I have never owned any lingerie, but I LOVE black lace with a passion. Something about it is so Euro-chic. This evening, my French professor told me I look like French movie actress Jean Seberg… I feel like the Cosabella Amore Mi Corazon Lowrider Hotpants and the matching bra would make me feel like I was straight out of Breathless (A Bout de Souffle)! http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g86/jteesmith/JeanSebergBreathless.jpg

  40. I love the Ceylon Babydoll, perfect for anytime!

  41. Ooo, great giveaway! I love the Ceylon Camisole and matching hotpants!

  42. The Valeria Bra is so pretty and would be fun for the honeymoon!

  43. Oh! So pretty! I love the Pearl Bra and Pearl Low Rider Thong – Sexy!

  44. I am a physical therapist so my fiance sees me in scrubs a lot making me feel anything but glamorous and sexy, but getting the Ceylon bra and thong in white for my wedding night will sure change that vision! I can’t wait to start building a cosabella collection of my own!

  45. I LOVE the Bathsheba Babydoll. So feminine and beautiful.

  46. I would definitely wear the Cosabella Amore Mon Cherie Babydoll on my wedding night. It is so playful and girly…two things that my fiance’ loves about me!

  47. I love the hot Sex and the City Miranda Pushup Bra! I would totally use it for boudoir and the honeymoon, or even the wedding night!

  48. i would actually choose the set being given away! they look SO comfortable AND sexy. what could be better?

  49. oh and i registered too!!

  50. The Cosabella Amore Mon Cherie Babydoll would be great for Valentine’s Day!

  51. I think I just spent about 45 minutes trying to figure out which item I would like the most. If I had to pick one I think I would choose the Pearl Bra. There is nothing sexier than a black lace bra to get the night going! Add the Never Say Never black Diamente thong would just be an added bonus! I would follow it up the next night with the Dorothy babydoll becuase my fiance always tells me I need better pajamas than just a t-shirt and random shorts

  52. the bamboo pj pants look so comfortable!

  53. I would choose the Lexy Babydoll. It’s simple and sweet, but beautiful.

  54. I love the Devon Robe… would I need anything else?? Oh, okay, the Cosabella Amore Mon Cherie Pushup Bra and Cosabella Amore Mon Cherie Lowrider Hotpant, maybe!

  55. The pearl bra is absolutely amazing…the matching thong is equally as beautiful!

  56. Its a tough choice everything is gorgeous, but I would go with the Pearl Bra, garter and thong for my wedding night!

  57. I would definitely go for the babydolls! Almost any of them…I gave birth last year, and once I’m finished nursing, I plan to rev up my lingerie collection–Cosabella would be perfect for that! ;)

  58. Oh, wow…the Ceylon bra is beautiful.

  59. Love the Bathsheba Babydoll and thong, too gorgeous! Thank you! Maggie M.

  60. LOVE the Ceylon Pushup bra (36C, please) & Ceylon Lowrider panties to match!

  61. I love the Pearl Balconette Bra and Garter belt – very fun to wear under my wedding dress! For our honeymoon, I’d love to wear the Amore Mon Cherie Pushup Bra and Thong. I love it’s sweet/sexy mix.

  62. Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t seen these before! They’re divine! I immediately fell in love with the Celine Molded Bra and Celine Lowrider Hotpants because my colors are black, white and pink and I wanted black to wear under my dress and these lacy confections with the pink!!! I love them! I might just have to buy them.

  63. I would feel very sexy in the Kintyre Babydoll…

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