Felt Flowers and Wedding Accessories by Crafts2Cherish

August 10, 2011 | editorial team

felt bridal hair accessories, red and pink felt hair flowers by Crafts2Cherish on Etsy.com

Such a fun take on wearing fresh flowers in your hair – if you’re looking for something a little different for your wedding, why not try felt flowers? Designer Susanna from Crafts2Cherish on Etsy.com is a felt maker in Dublin, Ireland who uses the highest quality of natural and sustainable materials to create these whimsical and wonderfully colored felt hair pieces and wedding accessories, lovely to wear at a whimsical wedding or to give as a thank you gift for the ladies in your life.

felt bridal hair accessories, flowers and jewlery by Crafts2Cherish on Etsy.com

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  1. These pieces are SOOOO cute. They have such a fun light hearted feel but still keep an elegant look. Flora pieces are so fun on engagement &wedding days. It shows off the clients personality and let’s them tie in the colors and floral patterns they plan on using. imagine these used s in a lush green park or somber field of hay. There are SOOOO many uses and they are all amazing!

  2. LOVE these felt flowers–probably a great way to spend money and DIY stuff is always special to me :)

  3. I love Susanna’s work – gorgeous, individual and always beautifully photographed, she’s an inspiration to other designer makers in Ireland and everywhere. Lovely to see her featured here on Junebug! Angela x

  4. So beautiful!!! It’s hard to choose from all the wonderful flowers.

  5. Beautiful

  6. Beautiful. Very Pretty.

  7. Is there a way that you could tell me (whoever else) how to make these beutiful things

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