Choosing Your Engagement Ring Style

September 3, 2014 | carrie

If you’re searching for an engagement ring, the number of style options that exist can be overwhelming. Before you go shopping, make sure you have a general style in mind. To help you better identify which style is right for you, we have outlined 4 looks for your ring finger!
Engagement Ring Styles



Vintage rings are all about paying homage to the classic lines and ornate intricacies of jewelry from generations’ past. Whether you’re interested in finding an Art Deco ring or something that screams Old Hollywood, the vintage look is always a great go-to style.


Rings by Uneek Jewelry.


Adding pops of sapphire, emerald, or even a rose gold band, is an easy way to give your engagement ring an oomph of personal style and flare. We are loving the use of yellow diamonds and rose gold below:


Rings by Natalie K


Never failing to amaze, the clean lines and simple pop and sparkle of the classic style are always sure to wow. The downside of this style, of course, is it’s popularity. However, a classic engagement ring is popular for a reason!


Rings by Coronet Diamonds


Sometimes different colors aren’t enough to woo your fancy. If you’re looking for an engagement ring that truly stands out, try finding an intricate band or creative setting. Creative-engagement-rings

Rings by Danhov

Needing more engagement ring style inspiration? Check out Engagement Rings from Junebug Brides! Thanks so much to Danhov, Coronet Diamonds, Natalie K, and Uneek Jewelry for the style inspiration and beautiful rings!


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  1. Very beautiful rings

  2. Love the vintage diamond rings

  3. wow! cool diamonds, love them all !

  4. For me, always buy vintage. A vintage style ring has an elegance and class that never goes out of fashion. That and it’s abolutely stunning.

  5. These are a beautiful selection of rings and really cover an array of tastes and styles. Working in the industry myself, one of the things that I notice is that from time to time there are trends that influence people’s decision making with regard to engagement ring styles. For example, around the time that Beyonce was engaged there was an increase in demand for platinum diamond engagement rings. However, in the majority, most choose a style that is befitting of their personality and budget. For this reason, I believe that articles such as this are important research material that enable people to choose a style that is right for them.

  6. All of those rings are very exceptional . I’ll gift such ring my girl friend .

  7. loved the fancy colored diamonds .

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