DIY Wedding Project- Moo Mini Magnets

August 29, 2008 | editorial team

Moo Mini Cards have long been a Junebug favorite, and there is one craft project that’s always seemed like it would be an amazingly fun way to use these for wedding photos- Moo Mini Magnets! You can decorate your fridge, cabinets, a metal wall panel, or any other magnetic surface with handfuls of colorful little slivers of your wedding day. Start by choosing 100 of your favorite wedding photos, have a pack of Moo Minis made, follow the directions below, created by the oh-so-smart blogger and crafty lady from London Meg Pickard, and you’ll soon have “Moognets” of your own!

moo mini wedding magnets from Meg Pickard and moo.com
Top image from Moo.com, all other images by Meg Pickard
You will need: Moo mini cards, scissors, self-adhesive magnetic tape (20mm) – I got mine from ebay, but craft shops (especially model-making shops) may have it too – and a big, heavy book. Junebug note: try these links for the magnetic tape- The Container Store, Custom Magnets or Uline.

1. Chop lengths of magnetic tape with the scissors. The lengths should be about 1/2? or so. You will need two for each magnet. (Incidentally, I tried using one continuous strip of tape across the entire back of a card, but it was a bit too magnetic – difficult to lift off a magnetic surface, plus I figured if you can get away with using less tapemore moognets!)

2. Peel off the tape backing and stick one little square at each end of the back of a moo card

3. Put on a flat surface and lie under a heavy book.Not you, silly: the moognet. Because the tape is stored on a roll, and therefore wants to naturally curl, youll need to make sure the adhesive sticks flat to the card. A nice heavy book should handle that: I like John Peels autobiography – a truly weighty tome. Also good for reading.

4. Repeat, until your fingers get bored. Set up a little production line. Recruit some elves, or small children. Dont bother trying to get the cat involved, though: mine was having none of it.

5. You will soon have a nice juicy stack of moognets. You will feel chuffed. You should.
View Meg’s instructions in full on her blog, Meish.org, or on her Flickr page. Thanks for sharing your creative genius Meg! Have fun everyone!

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  1. I wonder if you could use these for save-the-dates too! Shannon The Virtual Bridesmaid http://blog.viddia.com http://www.viddia.com

  2. I love this! what a great idea!!

  3. This is such a fantastic idea! That way you really could enjoy all those wedding pictures everyday! Wonderful Post!

  4. What a cool idea!

  5. Absolutely love these cards and the idea of the making them into magnets! Just wondering how long it will take me to find my fave photos?!?

  6. You can also make your own magnets by gluing a photo to a piece of cardboard and attaching the magnetic strips to the back of the cardboard.

  7. Good one…Thanks for sharing! Have you ever thought about save the date magnets?

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