Cute Customizable Paper Notebooks and Wedding Planners from May Books

August 29, 2011 | editorial team

While planning your wedding there are a million and one little details and ideas to keep track of, and having a simple little notebook on hand can work wonders to stop items from falling through the cracks! Lucky for us all May Books creates totally customizable and eco-friendly paper notebooks that will look and function exactly the way you need them to. Just choose a colorful cover design, then choose the pages to fill it. From wedding planner pages to blank, lined, dotted or dated, the choice is entirely yours. And for the eco-minded, May Books’ paper is partially recycled, the books are made with durable sewn binding, the canvas covers are not only adorable, but they’re Green-e Certifited and even water-resistant, and the whole thing can be recycled. Wow! Now if I could just choose which cover and page combo to get…

cute custom paper notebooks with colorful canvas covers from May Books

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  1. OMGOSH! These are awesome! I have several May Books with several different interiors. The WEEKLY 2 interior and Market List are my fav interiors. These are brilliant & and toooooo cute!

  2. I LOVE Maybooks. They are adorable, stylish, and yet so functional. They help keep this unorganized gal fashionably organized!

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