Creative Wedding Decor with Mirror Tape

July 2, 2009 | editorial team

Cassandra Santor, the super fab Los Angeles wedding and event coordinator and dear Junebug friend (and member!) found this great idea from InStyle magazine the other day, and I just had to pass the brilliance along. Thanks Cassandra!

Creative craft ideas for mirror tape from InStyle Magazine

The idea? Using mirror tape as wedding decor! It’s inexpensive but super shiny and chic to dress up surfaces like walls and tabletops, or items like cocktail trays, aisle runners, frames, gift card boxes, guest books or place card holders. Really, the possibilities are endless. I love the way InStyle magazine used it to create faux molding on that gorgeous lavender wall above. InStyle recommends using 3M Scotch Foil Tape from Amazon.com, and I found some other super colorful options at TheBandHall.com (shown below) and at Identi-Tape.com. Check them out and let your imagination get going!

Mirror tape for wedding decor from TheBandHall.com

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  1. Now that is some cool stuff!! I love color and shine–where was it when I got married?!

  2. I just bought some lace tape for the same reason!

  3. such a great idea!

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