Cooler Than Cool Redwood National Park Vow Renewal

July 8, 2017 | Junebug Weddings

Emma and Dilan celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in style with an epic national park vow renewal that takes dreaminess to a whole new level! Donning a lovely lace dress from Wear Your Love and a dapper grey suit, the couple trekked through California’s redwood forest to find the perfect place to exchange new vows and start a new chapter in their marriage. Then it was time for dancing, cuddling, and basically just being adorable as Catherine Coons Photography captured some breathtaking moments amid the natural landscape!

From the photographer: Emma & Dilan renewed their vows after 5 years of marriage surrounded by the biggest, most beautiful Redwood trees I’ve ever seen. This has been a dream of theirs for so long, and when they asked me to come along with them on this adventure I could hardly contain my excitement. 

We drove from San Francisco to Eureka and, once we arrived, we started on the trail searching for the perfect spot to exchange vows. It was warm, sunny, and the speckled afternoon light streaming into the forest made it feel like a dream. It was really special to have just the three of us in a huge forest, laughing, sharing stories, and learning about one another. It definitely goes down as one of the most memorable things I’ve ever photographed, and I hope something brings me back there to tell another couple’s story.

The Talented Team:

Photography – Catherine Coons Photography
Floral Design – Blossom Florist
Wedding Dress – Wear Your Love
Bride’s Necklace – DuplikaJewelry
Vow Renewal Books – Steven and Rae Designs


Congratulations to Emma and Dilan on their 5th wedding anniversary, and a huge thanks to Catherine Coons Photography for sharing this unique national park vow renewal with Junebug! Want to learn more about how to plan the perfect vow renewal? Check out our pro tips for how to have a vow renewal and why you should consider it!

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