Wedding Ideas: Boudoir Photography

Vintage Italian Film Inspired Bridal Shoot

April 30, 2015 | Junebug Weddings

Italy is home to one of the world’s greatest fashion capitals and the romantic aesthetic of the country is distinct and unparalleled. At its heart, Italian culture is born out of an appreciation for art and love, which can be said to be two sides of the same coin. This positively captivating bridal inspiration uses architecture, color, texture, and romance to portray a modern bride in the style of a vintage Italian film actress that is so […]

Artistic Boudoir Inspiration from Gabe McClintock

February 10, 2015 | Junebug Weddings

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we wanted to share a special treat with you. Boudoir photography has evolved over recent years into a more natural and authentic art form that focuses on showcasing the beauty of the human form using light and shadows, angles, and genuine sexuality. Master photographer Gabe McClintock has taken this new boudoir movement to the next level with this breathtaking and inspiring collection of portraits. Here’s a little insight from Gabe about […]

Sultry Ballet Inspired Boudoir Photo Shoot

September 9, 2014 | Junebug Weddings

We love celebrating the female body here at Junebug, and this ballet inspired boudoir shoot from Ash Imagery does exactly that. The delicate light filtering across this ballerina’s strong, feminine silhouette shows the photographer’s love and understanding of boudoir photography. Not only is the bride embracing her sexuality in this shoot, but she is also owning her dancer identity, which is just beautiful. Enjoy!   Thank you to the bride and Ash Imagery for sharing […]

Bridal Boudoir Style Inspiration

February 11, 2014 | Junebug Weddings

Bridal boudoir photo sessions - they're a wedding trend we truly love! What better opportunity to celebrate this time in your life, for yourself and for your fiance. And whether you go for soft, romantic images, retro pin-up photos, or sexy, sultry, dramatic shots, the important thing is to be yourself and to find a style that suits you and only you. For a little inspiration this Valentine's week, we've compiled some fabulous bridal boudoir photos showcasing a variety of styles, captured by some fabulous boudoir photographers! What's your favorite boudoir look?

We’re in Love! Romantic Boudoir Photography by Elizabeth Messina

February 12, 2013 | editorial team

Since Valentine's Day is coming up this Thursday, we've got love on the brain even more than usual around here! And what better way revel in it than by diving into the intimate and absolutely breathtaking boudoir photography of Elizabeth Messina? Elizabeth's imagery has a look that's all her own, and it simply radiates romance from the core.

Elegant High Fashion Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

November 29, 2011 | editorial team

Hello gorgeous! For her 1 year anniversary, bride Andrea chose photographer Marissa Joy Kaplan to shoot this sophisticated boudoir session as a gift to her husband. With a dynamic blend of modern fashion and classic elegance, Andrea and her romantic photos both look simply divine! A true gift indeed. What great inspiration!

ALL NEW Wedding Fashion Report – Some Like It Hot!

November 1, 2011 | editorial team

Get ready for a little bit of sultry, sexy ooh-la-la Junebug readers, because this morning we're unveiling our ALL NEW Some Like It Hot Fashion Report! Weddings are filled with romance and deep emotion, which also makes for moments that are simply H. O. T.

Alternative Beach and Bedroom Boudoir Photos

September 1, 2011 | editorial team

Can you say dreamy? I’m loving these creative boudoir photos taken by photographer Shannon Mathis of Mi Amore Foto! They run the gamut from fashion to portrait to experimental images and they show just what modern boudoir photos can be – anything you envision! Back in our own shooting days Blair and I used to say that our goal was “to photograph you the way you want to be seen, to reveal what is inherently […]

Alternative Modern Bridal Boudoir Photography

May 11, 2011 | editorial team

If you're not a classically feminine, pink satin and lace lingerie kind of gal, there's no reason you can't have fun with a bridal boudoir photo shoot in your very own way. Photographer Sarah Culver recently shot this alternative and perfectly hipster boudoir photo shoot at The Modern Hotel in Boise, ID, and although there's nothing traditional about it, there's no shortage of sexy, intimate style! With the location's mid-century modern decor and model Anne's retro-rocker look, Sarah captured images that many a modern woman would love to see themselves in.