Camp Wedding Inspiration Board

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you should consider a camp wedding theme. From s’mores and boots to rustic design and teepees, a camp inspired wedding beckons a casual and carefree event, perfect for those planning an intimate celebration. As with most unique themes, designing your camp wedding is easier said than done; you don’t want your wedding decor to perfectly match the set of Moonrise Kingdom (unless you do, then that’s totally fine– I too love Wes Anderson). In order to maintain a stylish wedding that still pays homage to the warmth and personal feel of your summer camp, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite camp wedding inspired photos.

Camp Wedding Inspiration 2 Photos by Alison Conklin Photography, Chowen Photography, Terra Lange Photography, and Richard Israel

To see a camp inspired real wedding, head on over to Whitney & Nick’s Romantic Camp Wedding in Oregon.


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  1. I’m inspire to see those wedding photography . Thanks for sharing.

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