Call for Submissions for Junebug’s Best of the Best Photo Contest!

November 1, 2013 | editorial team

The Junebug Weddings 2013 Best of the Best Photo Contest! Photos by © Yvonne Wong, Natalie Moser, Jerry Ghionis, Jose Villa, Roberto Valenzuela, Nessa K, Kathryn Krueger, Ira Lippke, Jean-Pierre Uys, Davina + Daniel

Junebug’s Annual Best of the Best Photography Contest is officially underway!

Another year of gorgeous weddings will soon be coming to a close, and photographers around the world are processing the images that will set trends in wedding style for the year ahead. As former wedding photographers, and girls who are head over heels in love with photography, this time of year is one of our favorites because it means we are now accepting submissions for our annual Best of the Best Wedding Photo Collection. We are delighted and humbled to say that the Best of the Best is one of the most popular and prestigious photo contests in the world, and it’s full of inspiration for your wedding.

If you’re currently engaged, be sure to check out our past winning wedding photo collections to see what’s possible for your wedding photography, then use our highly-vetted World’s Best Wedding Photographers Hotlist to find the most talented, and trusted photographer for your wedding day.

…and if you’re a photographer, gather up your best images of the year and submit them now. Let’s celebrate the art of wedding photography!



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